Watermelon Smoothie: A Super Easy Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

The essence of a smoothie overwhelmingly lies in the creamy texture of fruits that demands everyone’s attention in being sipped up with a straw. And apart from being a true bliss, the drink has even gone beyond standard obsession being ethereal in its smooth texture, juicy refreshment, enticing flavour blended with utter simplicity.

With only four ingredients and five minutes of prep, this watermelon smoothie is all about a magical potion in the summer to be served at least once every day, which imparts the feeling of turning on baby unicorn inside every soul who likes to jump through a crystal clear waterfall!


1. Take a watermelon and, slice it up in chunks. Then, store it in quart-sized bags kept in the freezer. Two cup portions do quite well for one large smoothie or two small sized ones. And one doesn’t need to worry about breaking apart a huge block of frozen watermelon for the same yield.

2. Any preferred add-in can be tossed in as per the requirement. If one has got basil, serve a pinch of a few basil leaves into the drink. Else, if a spritzer is desired, some La Croix can also be added.
Now that if you’re looking for more of a party drink, don’t forget to serve with rum or tequila for a margarita!

3. For a slushie-like consistency in terms of smoothness and uniformity, serve the liquid right away to leave one with a serious juicy treat.

Not, the longer you wait, the more the icy pulpy parts will start to rise to the top of the glass putting the juice at the bottom.

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The watermelon needs to be deliquesced for 30 seconds or so in the microwave so that it breaks up the chunks before being put inside the blender. But do not completely defrost it either which will lead to loosening of the sloppy texture instead. A soft frozen state will anyways do for the expected outcome.


• 2 cups frozen watermelon that should be cubed
• 1 cup of water
• 1 tablespoon of honey or another sweetener for the delicate taste
• A few mint or basil leaves can be sprinkled for better seasoning


1. The watermelon and the water must be blended properly until smooth.
2. Pour honey, mint and mix it with the solution for another 10-20 seconds until mostly dissolved.

That would result in drivelling consistency.
And, serve immediately!

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