Trevor Noah Bashes Trump, Earns A New Set Of Audience From China

Trevor Noah Bashes Trump, Earns A New Set Of Audience From China
Trevor Noah Bashes Trump, Earns A New Set Of Audience From China

The host of “The Daily Show”, namely Trevor Noah whose audience from the TV show broadcasted during the night has been comparatively smaller in the North American country than other entertainers, however, has triumphed millions of hearts from China amidst the pandemic outbreak, a report has claimed. The South African comedian whose jokes have been celebrated across various media outlets of the communist territory have referred to Trump’s strategies in controlling the COVID-19 scenario. And that has subjected Trevor to high exalt in the state!

The cheered conquest amidst the pervasive eruption: Trevor Noah

According to The New York Times, the spectators with an instinct to thump the Republican administration’s response to the current contagion have come forward to admire Noah’s stand where various commenters have expressed their urge in subsequent remarks. One observer posted on social media that “Trevor has the correct value system”, prompted by another asking, “Is he kissing the a— of China?”, who later on added, “No, he’s just telling the truth.”

Donald Trump’s Recent Move Leaves Everyone Surprised

Bill Gates’s drive about the explosion

The massive recognition achieved its second momentum when Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made a guest appearance in the same show, who complimented that the recent decline in the number of infectious cases in China was a “very good news.”

The erupting antithesis: China’s reaction to COVID-19

On the contrary, Chinese media has been devaluing the rampage of the coronavirus in the nation addressing most of the stories to be “rumours”, while indicating Europe and U.S’ concern to the ailment as “purgatory” and “apocalypse”, reports by the Times revealed.

It has also been noted that a Chinese writer from Wuhan, Wang Fang who has tried to point out the fingers towards the Communist Party’s backlogs in tackling the pandemic outburst has unfortunately faced resentment on social media.

COVID-19: Experts Share Some Secret To Stay Better

In the early phase when Wuhan witnessed the major crisis that was peeking day by day, many from the Chinese population read the critiques impressions. Shockingly, her opinions took a different way all of a sudden when reports came up that her works would be streamlined for translation in English.
The editor of China’s Global Times mentioned in the regard adding that such content would rather find usage abroad, popularised by China’s detractors where Chinese citizens might “pay the price for Fang Fang’s fame in the West,” The New York Times reported.

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