Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers’ Name Revealed Based on Ad Revenue

‘YouTuber’, the term might not be familiar to everyone a couple of years ago but this has certainly taken a toll all around the world. There are plenty of YouTubers across the globe. Recently, the Top 10 highest-paid YouTuber based on ad revenue and merchandise earnings have been revealed.

A new report has published in August by Purple Moon Promotional Products that compiled all the YouTubers who earned the most this year where the No. 1 YouTube account earn nearly $8 million each month!

The report was made using the tool Sellfy which is called the “YouTube Money Calculator,” that determines the minimum and maximum amount revenue a channel can earn through advertising and merchandise.

“Your income estimates will be calculated based on YouTubers similar to you. From there, we take the average product price across all our stores and using our previously calculated purchase likelihood, we calculate the range of potential income,” Sellfy, the tool explained.

10. Smosh

Subscribers: 24M
Average monthly merch revenue: $1.37 million
Average monthly ad revenue: $227,986

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