TikTok User Points out Leighton Meester’s (Blair) Wardrobe Malfunction Mistake from ‘Gossip Girl’

TikTok User Points out Blair Waldorf's Wardrobe Malfunction Mistake from ‘Gossip Girl’
Leighton Meester/ Instagarm

What has been your business amidst the Covid-19 lockdown? Indeed, one of the active deals TikTok users have effectively sealed is about spotting errors from the TV shows. Yes, one more wardrobe misrepresentation came to the forefront from the sets of CW teen drama Gossip Girl in recent times.

Ever went out in one heel?

The TikTok user under the handle of @triciaerb3 in a video posted a strange question to her followers asking, “Can someone please tell me why this actress is just only wearing one shoe?”. Well, the prominent mistake hails from Season 5, Episode 3 namely “Jewel of Denial.” The clip depicts Leighton Meester playing Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphry played by  Penn Badgley in the role of Dan Humphry who walk together at a party holding each other’s arms while engaged in a conversation.


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A TikTok User Bought Up The Silly Fashion Mistake Made In Gossip Girl

The fake coverup

And the actual mess went behind the scene as one of the actresses are seen to wear a single black heel in an attempt to match with her mini dress. Meanwhile, she raises her barefoot posing like a ballet dancer to coordinate her paired movements.

However, the episode aired long back in October 2011 where the mistake went almost unobserved by the viewers!

The last moment hurry

As the post garnered the audience’s attention, one user reverted saying, ‘Sometimes background actors think their part of a body won’t be in the shot so they don’t listen and get fully dressed when they say action”. Another remarked, “I bet her other shoe broke … they were ready to shoot … they probably told her it wouldn’t be in the shot anyway lol.” Indeed, the chances to interpret the scene are numerous.

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But we are simply left amazed at the fact about how the quarantine period opened up our sight! There lies the significance of time which is much needed to observe a situation and that prompted  “Quarantine got everyone analyzing every single scene and I’m here for it,” commented the other user. Yes, that has rather been a hobby these days!

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