Thomas Markle Expresses His Feelings About Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s disunified father, Thomas took a different stand on Monday, speaking about his wish to meet her aggrieved daughter after a long break where he disclosed about his preparation to face her in court if it’s so.

The Utter Disappointment

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the feeble man said, “I think they’ve hurt the Queen, I think they’ve hurt the royals, and it just doesn’t work”. “I’m a little embarrassed for them and feeling really sorry for the queen.” He added, “The break from the royals is going to cause far more problems”, speaking about the duo’s a new life split between Britain and North America.

Markle continued, “This decision to make a break from the royals is very confusing, I don’t think anyone understands or can figure out how this happened or why it happened – it makes no sense”.
Markle, located in Mexico has appeared for a number of TV interviews condemning his daughter, claiming they were the only way of communication with Meghan. However, friends of Meghan told People Magazine last year that her father had not tried to connect with the Duchess before, devastating their relationship.

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The Court Proceeding

But now, there is a possibility that Thomas Markle could face Meghan in court where she is suing The Mail on Sunday newspaper in regard of publishing her private letter to Thomas as a breach of her copyright and fundamental rights. The paper it seems would use his evidence in the legal battle where Thomas has commented, “If it comes to meeting them in a courtroom, that’s great – at least I finally get to see them, but I don’t want to face off or have a battle with them,” and unveiled his support to the newspaper.

The Racist War

Talking about the racial sparks in Britain’s media coverage about the royal couple, Thomas said, he was not convinced enough to believe about such criticism, “I don’t buy that.”

And later on unfolded about his fatherly inclination towards her, “I really miss my daughter”. “I love my daughter and I certainly would love my grandson and I’d love Harry if I met him, I’m sure.”
When asked what he would say to Prince Harry now after meeting, he told: “Man up and come down and see me.”

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