Things to do in San Francisco

Fun Things to do in San Francisco:

San Francisco is loaded with lot of fun things for you to do, epic attractions to view, and amazing places to eat. Indeed there are so much fun things to look at, do and have fun with.

San Francisco is not just a place for fun and excitement; it is also the cultural, commercial and financial heart of Northern California. San Francisco is rated the 13th most populated state in the U.S. but maintains the second highest population density in the county, with only New York beating it to been much busier.

San Francisco is famous for many things to do ranging for fun, excitement and restaurants that offers mouth-watering menu. With so much fun things to do in this amazing city let us take a look at what fun things to do and the best time to visit San Francisco.

In this article we will consider some fun and amazing things to do in San Francisco:

  • You may decide to go on adventure and catch fun hiking the Presidio

The Presidio offers many different hikes, which includes one famous one that leads directly to the Golden Gate Bridge; it is a sure destination in San Francisco offering so much fun.

  • Golden Gate Park is perfect to take a stroll through

By just taking a stroll through this park, you can be guaranteed of enough fun while ‘doing’ the day outside and trust me there’s always something new to do and discover along the way.

  • It is never boring spending quality time watching the Pride Parade

Pride Parade which holds in San Francisco’s is regarded as one of the biggest fun events of the year and this event usually holds around June.

  • Pay a Visit to the City Hall

Looking for what to do in San Francisco; San Fran’s City Hall is not just the location of Harvey Milk’s Assassination in 1978; City Hall holds a lot of other unseen rich historic treasures inside, you can go out to see it.

  • Make sure you hike to Twin Peaks

The amazing views from the top of Twin Peaks is not only fun to view, it is unique and distinct from any other in the city. From high up 922 feet you are able to see a perfectly painted picture of the Bay and everything built around it.

  • It is always fun to check out the Cable Cars

Looking for what to do in San Francisco? You can catch some fun riding the infamous cable cars. Doing this, you get to appreciate the amazing nostalgia it evokes and long-time history it holds in common with the city.

  • Get to lay out in the thrilling McLaren Park

McLaren Park is unarguably the second largest in the city and it offers seven miles of fun filled trails that weave their way artistically through the vast 312 acres of land.

  • Pay a visit to the Ghirardelli Square

Fun, fun, fun all the way down at Fisherman’s Wharf you’ll find some of the world’s most beloved chocolate in Ghiradelli Square. In San Francisco? Take a walk around to see how this fun magic happens.

  • The Strictly Bluegrass Fun-filled Festival is a must do in San Francisco

This fun filled music festival offers loads of fun and takes place in Golden Gate Park and is free to all who wish to attend. It usually takes place around the first weekend in October.

  • At the Japanese Tea Garden, your Zen is yours to find

The famous and fun Japanese Tea Garden inside Golden Gate Park is the record oldest public garden in the US and is very conducive. For maximum and free fun, it is advised that you enter before 10 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday because it’s free by this time!

  • Smell the Roses at the natural Botanical Gardens

Playing with nature could be relaxing and so much fun. The natural Botanical Gardens play home to over 8, 000 different kinds of plants and over 55 acres of land. You can also get free admission into the botanical garden every day from 7:30-9:00 a.m.

  • Stoke some fun fire at the Ocean Beach Fire Pits

You will realise that the fun never drops whenever you pay a visit to Ocean Beach between stairwells 15 and 20 and you’ll always find fire pits set up on the beach for your maximum enjoyment.

  • You may like to free yourself and wander through Prelinger Library

It is amazing to know that the Prelinger Library is open to the public and is home to some extremely interesting works that have been collected over the years? It is always fun even if you are visiting again.

  • Try paying a visit to the 16th Avenue and take a walk up its Tiled Steps

Between 15th and 16th Ave on Moraga Street you will find out something pretty, fun, amazing and unusual about the staircase here. This project is the product of the locals’ unrelenting quest to transform 163 steps into something truly amazing, and of which they achieved.

  • The Cable Car Museum! A must visit

The cable cars of San Francisco are a huge part of its rich history and something most tourists look forward to experiencing when they visit. If you desire something fun to do when in San Francisco you can take a walk around the museum and discover more about this.

  • National Parks are available to provide fun

San Francisco plays home to tons of National Parks and other historic areas to visit in the Bay, and amazingly you can check in to any one for free on their free days.

  • Ride a bike around Crissy Field

Crissy Field a former military airfield which has been transformed into an environmental show case way back 2001. It now provides a fun filled and perfect environment to take a walk, ride bike, hike and enjoy the breath-taking views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Enjoy the Murals of Balmy Alley

The Inner Mission District which plays host to this fun destination between 24th St and Garfield Square is Balmy Alley boasts of the most concentrated collection of murals that the city has to offer. The murals celebrate the great Chicano and Mexican heritage in the US.

  • Have fun at  Amoeba Music’s free shows

When you are in San Francisco and you seek what to do, it is advised that you spend at least a couple hours out of your week at Amoeba Music; a huge record/CD store made out of a former bowling alley around the Haight Street. You will surely have fun trolling the $1 bins for the glory of vinyl, or you can time it for the frequent free show set up in the corner.

  • Art galleries is always fun and engaging

It is true that San Francisco overflows with wild, unexpected art shows at dozens of galleries that are surprisingly free to visit. They’re quieter during the week, but definitely more fun at openings or weekends.

  • .Who doesn’t love free Basebal?

Everyone definitely loves the Giants AT&T Park for its bay-front views during baseball season (usually between April to October). Just in case you can’t get a ticket, you can still catch the fun and watch for free from the archway along the waterfront promenade on the east side of the park.

  • The Public Library City Guides walking tours offers amazing experiences

Fortunately the public library city guide is volunteer-based, with dozens of options of indigenes excited about taking you on a tour, and completely free, though donations are accepted. Wouldn’t it amazing to have fun on Public Library City Guides walking tours?

  • Randall Museum offers an exciting view and loads of fun

The museum is near Corona Heights Park, a 520-foot summit near the Castro with superb views over the city, the Randall Museum is open to fun seekers for free, and it is also a family-ready place with live-animal exhibits and hands-on workshops.

  • Readings at City Lights & Green Apple

SF’s literary scene is quite legendary, perhaps nowhere more so than City Lights, it was founded by famous city poet laureate Lawrence Ferlinghetti, next to Jack Kerouac Alley. Look for readings here, or at other beloved bookstores including the Richmond District’s Green Apple.

  • San Francisco Centre for the Book

The San Francisco Centre for the Book does not only displays elaborate Coptic binding and wooden typesetting machines used to make the things, but offer a wide display of changing exhibits and workshops. And guess what, it’s free.

So what is the best time to visit San Francisco?

The best time to visit San Francisco is probably from September to November. Believe it or not, the fall season offers some of the city’s warmest temperatures year-round, and also worthy to mention is the fewer crowds that are around as against the summer where there are larger crowds of fun seekers who are seeking things to do. Spring is another best time to visit San Francisco, thanks to its mild temperatures and lack of rain (as compared to other parts of California). Even the Golden Gate City witnesses a surge in tourism during the summer as fun seekers and other people head west in search of sun, sand and surf; Although, the fluctuating climate can quickly change the day at the beach.

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