Things To Do In Atlanta: A Guide For A Tourist In Atlanta

Explore Atlanta and Keep Your To Do List Updated

Things to do in Atlanta: A Guide for a Tourist in Atlanta
Things to do in Atlanta: A Guide for a Tourist in Atlanta

Though Atlanta is more popular as a commercial city, still this is a city with a glorious past. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has played an important role in both the Civil War as well as the Civil Rights Movement. The evidence of the past chronicles is widely spread across the city. Keep reading to find out some best things to do in Atlanta

Atlanta: Realm Of Glorious Past

Tourists though frequently complain about the sweltering heat. At times, it gives a feel as if the city is on fire. But apart from the scorching heat, this phoenix city has piled up loads of interesting things for its visitors. This city has not only the world’s busiest airport but it also happens to be the birthplace of legendary Martin Luther King Jr.

Get set ready for Atlanta with your near and dear ones. We will help you to work out on your bucket list. Atlanta has loads to offer for everyone. Be it a shopaholic or an aesthete or a history lover-Atlanta welcomes all with open arms.

A Short Look Into The Glorious Past Of Atlanta

Come and explore the city which has literally risen up from ashes and now is the abode of five million people. Go through the history of Atlanta, Georgia for once. Are you aware of the disgraceful “March to the Sea”? In 1864, during Civil War Major General William Tecumseh Sherman from Union Army conducted a heinous military campaign through Georgia. As a result of which major portions of the city was burnt down. Thus, you can well understand the spirit of this lively city. It has gone through so much, yet it stands with her head high.

Now let’s head towards the present-day Atlanta. Here comes the list best things to do in Atlanta.

Brief Tour Of Atlanta

Here is a list of some best things to do in Atlanta.

1. National Historic Site Of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr was an iconic social activist in the history of American politics. He was the Noble Prize winner in 1964. He has an immense contribution to the American Civil Rights Movement and was best known for his non-violent approach. He actively guided the movement in the right path with his fundamental approach from 1950 till he was assassinated in 1968.

You can visualise the great reformer as you stroll around his birthplace which gives you a visionary of his modesty. Most of the tourists visiting Atlanta devote quality time to visit this place. As you approach towards the historic site of one of the notable figure in history, you may feel goosebumps inside your stomach. Walk along the alleys of Auburn Avenue and stroll across the restored rooms and renovated furnishings from the childhood of the great leader. Pay our homage as you cross the Boulevard and make your way towards his crypt standing on the grounds of Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Explore the exhibits of the great leader, his wife and fellow reformer, Mahatma Gandhi, who was a good friend of Martin Luther.

If t can make early to this place, you can have a proper half an hour guided tour that is offered free of cost.

2. Atlanta History Center & Its Neighbourhood

Comprehensive exhibitions that are frequently organised in this center helps you to explore the past of the city. It covers almost 33 acres of Buckhead as the gardens and trails stretch out for miles across. It exhibits the culture and lives of the then natives of America.

Adjacent to the museum there is a renovated and restored real estate that actually dates back to 1928. This real estate, better known as the Swan House is a visit-worthy property. There is also an ancient plantation farm nearby.

Again, Margaret Mitchell also used to reside in this neighbourhood. This famous American novelist penned down her famous novel Gone with the Wind in the backdrop of the American Civil War while residing in the same house.

3. Piedmont Park

It is situated near the Atlanta Botanical garden and covers a huge area of 200 acres. If you are tired of exploring Atlanta and want to relax then this is the ideal place for you. Spend some cosy and lazy hours in the lap of nature. You can also hang around with your family, friends and can even arrange a private picnic. This park has everything assembled within it. It has a separate jogging area, Dog Park, swimming pool, tennis court and even a Saturday special market. This park also hosts various important top-rated events of Atlanta including Jazz Festival etc.

If you have time also visit the adjacent Botanical garden. It has traits of an original version of the Japanese garden. l t has a 300-year-old lantern along with aesthetically decorated series of seasonal flowers and waterfalls.

4. Street Art @ Atlanta

You can’t afford to miss the diversified street art from Atlanta. Explore the street art. Check the Street Art Map and select one. There are as many as seven tours and it covers Downtown, East Atlanta, Cabbagetown, Edgewood Avenue and many others. Each one bears their special identity and is different from the others. All of them comes with different aesthetic value as well as various colours, flavours.

5. Explore The World Of Coca Cola

Coca Cola, the soft drink giant has started its journey from Downtown, Atlanta. This globally acclaimed brand was invented in 1886 by John.S.Pemberton. Coca Cola has become a household name over the years and is widely popular among people of all age groups. Since 1990, the huge 92000 square foot museum is successfully drawing many visitors from various parts of the world. Explore the live journey of the magical journey of Coca Cola as you enjoy the 4 D theatre. One will be glad to know that it features a tasting room which provides an opportunity to taste various Coca Cola sodas across the world.

6. Georgia Aquarium

This happens to be the largest indoor aquarium of the western hemisphere. It will successfully capture the attention of the reluctant visitor as well. The saltwater inhabitants of the aquarium keep the visitors engaged for hours. This multi starrer aquarium is the abode of the whale sharks, penguins, dolphins and whales as well. Children will love this place.

7. High Museum Of Art

This is a paradise for an avid admirer of art. This famous museum portrays works of the cross era. The art collection covers a wide range. It houses artwork of Africa as well as the modern contemporary creations of artists like Spencer Finch and Ellsworth Kelly.

Well, a brief guide for the Atlanta city tour is ready for you. Now it’s time to explore the city. Apart from the above-mentioned spots, you may come up with various new destinations as well. Explore the city and have fun.

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