The Rift Between Thomas And Meghan Calls For Universal Criticism

The Rift Between Thomas And Meghan Calls For Universal Criticism
The Rift Between Thomas And Meghan Calls For Universal Criticism

Speaking in a new Channel 5 documentary namely “Thomas Markle: My Story” on Wednesday night, Thomas Markle undermined about the heart surgery that he underwent before the royal couple’s wedding. He explained desperately why he was unable to travel all the way to England for his daughter’s wedding- “if I didn’t treat the heart attack, I wouldn’t be here now, according to the doctor.”

Dissecting the Storm of Emotions

The aggrieved 75-year-old added that he will continue talking to the press about his daughter, Meghan and accept money for guest appearances as he believes that the royal couple “owe” him a lot.

“I’m going to defend myself, and I’m going to be paid for it,” “I’m not going to refuse being paid for it. I’ll do future things and be paid for it. I don’t care. At this point, they owe me.”

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The Give and Take Relationship

Throughout the one-hour documentary, Thomas revealed stances about how he had financed his daughter, Meghan who had repaid some amount to him multiple times since her in acting flourished.
“She has given me some money”. “She gave me $5,000 for Christmas. Most of the money given to me as gifts. Only on one or two occasions did I ask her for a little help, but it was never more than a couple of grand.”

Thomas elaborated that he receives around $5,600 a month in retirement funds, noting Meghan had given him $20,000 in two years as an outburst of anger on her father.

“The bottom line here is I paid for her college, I paid for her apartments, I paid for everything to get her where she is.” “I’m not saying she has to pay me back, but I’m saying it’s awfully picky and awfully small to say ‘I gave you all this money’ when it’s $20,000 over two years.”

The deprived father also clarified about his posing in Meghan and Harry’s wedding explaining his wish to “change” his image, rather receiving 30% of the sales from the photographs.
“…… those pictures will sell forever.”

He hinted at the taxpayer funds of the couple towards their Frogmore Cottage that they have announced to repay, referring “Apparently $3 million and a 26-bedroom home isn’t enough for them”.

The uprooted privacy gets an antagonistic tone

In an August 2018 letter, Meghan expressed her pain about Thomas’ deliberate interviews with the press which was partially leaked on Sunday to the Mail to whose reply, the helpless father spoke about his conscious self of showing the world the hidden facts in the scandal.

He addressed the couple as “lost souls.” “To them, I don’t exist.”

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