The Queen Acted as the Prominent Aide to Meghan Revealed in a New Book

Are you thinking to pick up a perfect summer read from the list for the upcoming days? Here goes one more add on to your choices as a new tome namely, Royals at War t, is all set to reveal the secrets of Buckingham Palace along with other twists. However, the volume will exclusively focus on the relationship between Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II.

The sudden distortion

It claims that the Queen happened to be Meghan’s biggest confederate when she first stepped into the royal household while dominant sources from the family have alleged that the association between the duo deteriorated following Megxit.

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An unprecedented collision

The piece is authored by Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett. One of the insiders explained in the account about their unlikely bond saying, “Her Majesty has seen it all and could offer [Meghan] some helpful advice. Meghan would do well to nurture that relationship and pop over for an occasional cup of tea with the Queen. Meghan doesn’t need an invitation.” Now that sounds too contradictory if you consider the Castle’s previous statements.

In fact, according to the author’s research, the responsible monarch served as an aid to Meghan to help her make way within the imperial brood. But then what compelled the latter to leave her royal duties? Was it more than a revelation? We are yet in the dark. Well, Her Majesty might have been cautious of the past rumours involving her son’s wives. Yet the puzzle doesn’t get complete, which misses some links.

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For a resolve

Lastly, one representative close to the Palace disclosed, “The Queen had been supportive. At the end of the HRH is a reasonable woman and accepts that marrying into the Royal Family isn’t easy and mistakes are going to be made.” Okay, if that’s the issue then we can term it as some sort of reconciliation in order to fix the former deeds.

Meanwhile, the book would be released by Skyhorse Publishing on June 30. Till then, hold on to your doubts!

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