The man grew up without dad provides how to videos to support kids without dads: The Dad, How Do I?

Rob Kenney’s father abandoned his family when he was 12 who had to live with his elder brother for the rest of his life.

The fatherly appeal

However, at present, he himself happens to be the father to two grown children, who has eventually come up to fulfil the absence of dads in other’s lives with his paternal sagacity and expertise and he achieved such qualities on his own during childhood. His YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” offers videos on everyday hands-on things which are enquired by most kids ranging from tying a tie properly, to unclogging a sink and checking the car oil. Since its launch on April 1, the channel has achieved popularity in impeccable stances.

A universal milestone

This morning Chris Hart came up with a post on Facebook that described Kenney’s “Practical ‘Dadvice'” channel ramping up its performance further in the Internet Fame. After sharing the post, the channel garnered 324,000 subscribers from 41,700.

Uphold Your Faith With The Favorable Luminescence Amid Pandemic

While WICU interviewed Kenney on May 13, he revealed what instigated him to start “Dad, How Do I?” as he told, “I come from a fractured home, and so my goal in life was to raise good adults and so then when I got to, you know, the early 50s, I’d felt like I’d already done that. Now what? I still got a lot of life to live. So if I could pass some of what I have learned, to help people…and it’s definitely resonating.”

The channel is run with Kenney’s daughter who goes on asking about “adulting” all the time.

The avuncular indulgence

He continued to explain his initiative saying, “Obviously there’s a lot more to being a dad than being able to screw in a light bulb or whatever”.

Later on, he added, “Some of the emotional responses I’ve gotten from people who don’t have fathers, or didn’t have a relationship with their father or have lost their father, you know, and they’ve said they watched my videos in tears, just being reminded of missing their dad. It’s amazing.”

These incidents prove how humanity prevailed over the crisis

Indeed, its a bliss to everyone for being rewarded with a virtual dad to seek help throughout their lifetime.

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