The Leaks of Avengers 5 Indicates a Replacement of Tony Stark

The Leaks of Avengers 5 Indicates a Replacement of Tony Stark
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The Avengers tower, the center of the story for more than 20 films and 2 Disney+ shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that being said, the Marvel fans did not fail to notice that the Avengers building has been found missing from many of the recent Marvel films. It was more evident especially after Tony Stark sold the building and moved into the Avengers compound full-time which was followed after 2016’s Captain America: Civil war.

The Sale of the Avengers Tower

A natural curiosity stirred among the fans. various speculations have emerged and fans are curious to know more about the new owner of the Avengers tower. And evidently, multiple fan theories have been cooking since the end of Captain America: Civil war 2016. one of the most practical and logical fan theories are put forward, and it is said to have a potentially huge implication for Avengers 5.

The Fan Theory

The fan theory has been dug out from a Reddit post from u/BrokenEye3. The current fan theory suggests that Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 may reveal a great deal about the new owner of the Tony Start’s sold Avengers tower. The theory also added that the game of Lego marvel superheroes 2 has their version of the story behind the Avenger’s tower which is located at the Manhattan section of its map. Another revelation of the theory is that the Lego game does not hold the name Stark or Avengers at the top of the tower but the name Oscorp.

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The Name of The New Owner

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done good work in keeping the name of the new owner of the Avengers tower a complete secret from the fans. In Spider-Man: Homecoming released in 2017, it was first revealed that the Avengers tower is sold by Tony Stark, and again in Spider-Man: Far from home, released in 2019. It was shown in the movie that the tower was under reconstruction and remodeling. But never in the course of the movie, the new owner’s name or the company’s name is revealed. No new logo has been incorporated in place of the avenger’s symbol over the avenger’s tower.

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