The Difference Between Social Distancing, Quarantine & Self Isolation

The global pandemic coronavirus has been taking lives where a few words related to its protection have been going around nowadays. While everyone was asked to take proper protection amid this serious situation, they should know the meaning of those words and what they mean.

1. Social Distancing

Social distancing is the first step towards the protection where everyone asked to maintain distance from social gatherings. It also means that people need to restrict their interaction with their roommates and small groups of friends as well. Along with this, you need to restrict your physical contact, like shaking hands. Instead of that, people can wave. At that time, you should also avoid all large gatherings and travel plans. Alongside this, if you are the boss of the company, let your employees work from home and practise social distancing until the situation gets controlled.

2. Quarantine

Quarantine refers to a state that has become mandatory for people to be restricted in their everyday life and movement due to the fear of getting affected. However, it is good for people to follow quarantine.

On the other hand, self-quarantine is for those people who have been affected by the virus but the symptoms aren’t showing. In this situation, you need to keep checking on yourself if you have any symptoms like fever or a dry cough.

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The people who are in this state advised staying alone in a room if you live with other people or in an empty house too. Make sure you have all the essentials with you and do not touch any of the members. Maintain 6 feet distance from roommates/ family member and continue this state for a minimum of 14 days.

3. Isolation

People who have reported positive for the coronavirus are put into the isolation – the most serious state of separation. The person should be isolated from the world, in a hospital and can have contact with medical professionals only. They should be kept there until they get fit.

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People who think they might have it must self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days minimum. This certainly means you need to stay alone, where you should not have any face-to-face interaction or socialize with people.

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