The Coolest Boys Haircuts To Get In Fall 2018

Hairstyles for teenage guys are more stylish, edgy and cooler than ever. Teen boys never had so many cool cuts and styles to choose from. Here is our guide to the hottest teen hairstyles of 2018!


Quiffs add layers of volume and dimension to a boy’s hair and can look both classic yet contemporary.

To achieve this look create a side parting, comb and a significant amount of hair against this parting. Add salt spray into the hair to add texture and then blow dry it upwards until you get the desired volume or lift. Redefine that side part again and then use the comb to gather the hair in the center for the quiff effect. Comb the side and back of the head from top to bottom. Finish the look with a small amount of hairspray, too much will make the hair crunchy.

If you have shorter hair and want this style, aim for texture over volume. A short back and sides quiff is the easiest to style. Strike a balance between having a short length on the side and voluminous texture on the top. An undercut will help create definition and contrast, a tapered fade cut will blend it for a more professional finish (but more on fades later).

A textured quiff works better on shorter lengths and is perfect for those who want to cool without having to try in the morning. This look works best with volume and height to the top sections of the hair.

See Liam Hemsworth, David Beckham and Adam Levine on how to style your quiff in a cool, modern way.

The Side Parting

This classic 40’s look has been coming more and more into fashion thanks to TV hits like Mad Men. This style is stylish and makes you look smart without having to put much effort in.

It’s possible to create this side parting without a specific cut but it will be harder if you don’t have the right haircut for it. Know which side to plan your parting and tell your barber or stylist how much volume you like. Ask for a hard parting, this will make things easier when it comes to styling.

Use a fine-toothed comb to create a parting on one side of your hair, following the parting your barber has cut in. Pull the bulk of your hair across to one side, going back in if you want to create a quiff. Blow dry your hair up and away, whilst combing in definition which will give you the parting. Once the hair is dry, continue to use a comb to neaten and reinforce the separation. Finish by using a small pea-sized amount of wax and work it through your hair, styling it as messy or as stylish as you want it to.

Choose a wax that isn’t too greasy unless you want that 1950’s greaser look. Wax is the most versatile product to use but clays dry texture will allow you to style the hair into a more rough, textured and natural style.

Joe Manganiello, Lionel Messi and Liam Payne all show how versatile and cool a side parting can be.

The Curtains

The curtains were perhaps more famous in the 90’s, however, this look can be very youthful when styled correctly.

Hair needs to ideally be medium or long on the top, long enough to be able to create a centre parting. Keep the back and sides much shorter than the top of your hair and explain to the hairdresser that you are trying to grow out your hair into the curtain style. The shorter the hair looks the more 90’s it will look, longer curtains give a more grunge vibe.

To create the style part your hair down the middle, using a comb to tidy up the parting and begin creating the desired shape.

If your hair is a too straight, use a round brush on the underside of your bangs and swirl in a forward motion to create a wave style.

Pomade, wax or hair cream is the best for creating this type of look. Blow drying and applying sea salt spray or hairspray can help increase volume for a more textured finish that is edgier. Focus on using products on the hairline area and use any leftovers to pat down the sides and back.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ben Barnes and Chris Hemsworth have all worn updated versions of this hairstyle.

Modern Pompadour

The 1950’s staple has come back into fashion due to its versatility. The modern pompadour takes aspects of the classic look and adds an undercut. This style can be personalized to suit every wearing but the most popular way is to keep the sides cropped yet thick, leaving a large amount of hair in the middle before sweeping it back.

The pompadour fade is a cool and clean variation of the popular hairstyle. This look accentuates the cropped sides of the pompadour by taking it one step further and buzzing it. The middle of the hair can vary, depending on your taste, some keep it long and sweep it back whilst other keep it shorter for a more low maintenance look. This look works really well for those with thin or straight hair and is easy to maintain at home with hair clippers.  Another variation is the shorter pompadour, it has no buzzed sides making the contrast less intense.

Maintaining this hairstyle is not as difficult as it looks, all you need is a comb and a small amount of product. It does require being blow dried straight, making sure the dryer is angled up so the hair is styled around the curve of your head. Start to comb your hair back over your head or slightly to the side as it dries. Take a little clay or pomade in your hands, warm it in your hands and then smooth it over your hair to finish. Make sure the product is evenly distributed and then use a comb to smooth it out in the desired direction.

If you have medium to thick hair using a medium tooth comb is a good place to start, as it will not be as loose, using a wide tooth comb will allow you to have more control. Thinner hair will require a thinner tooth combed and you may have to damp it with water if you want it to set.

The Bowl Haircut

The Bowl Haircut was once reserved for those who had their hair cut by their mothers but in the last year, it has come back on the wave of the 90’s fashion revival.

The bowl haircut is a much more contemporary iteration that is easy to achieve and require little to no maintenance.  The haircut is simply a harsh undercut with strands of hair descending down the backs and sides, which creates the upside down bowl effect. Ask your barber to fade your hair up from the neck, giving you a clearly defined separation from the backs and sides to the top.

The popular way to style this cut, especially if you have short hair, is to apply a pea sized amount of clay through the hair before ruffling it forwards creating a messy fringe. Work the sides from your longer hair and pull strands down with your fingers so you get that clearly defined bowl shape.

If you have longer hair use sea salt and avoid any clay-like products as that will just clump to the hair. Finish with hairspray for a long-lasting look.

The Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is an edgy haircut without committing to anything too shocking or extravagant.

This faux hawk style, which has a little more intense than a modern pompadour, relies on the way the hair is cut. Your hair should always be cut, never razored, to a minimum half inch all around your head, with 2 inches in length being the maximum length needed for this hairstyle.

Essentially this cut is a short back and sides, keeping hair longer at the top so the hair can be formed into a point. The length at the top depends on what you personally want and what suits the texture of your hair.

Style it with a comb or your fingers and a hairdryer for a natural looking faux hawk.

Dishevelled Hair

Call it messy hair, bed hair or dishevelled hair, this is a look that works for different hair types and lengths, plus it doesn’t need much work.  The best thing about this trend is that you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about it, it’s a great jump out of bed and go style. If you’re spending too much time on  this hairstyle then you’ll end up detracting from makes the style good in the first place.

If you have short hair making it look more dishevelled is a great way to add volume without having to really try. Try this look if you have a longer fringe and shorter sides. If you have long hair it’s worth waiting a day after you’ve washed your hair to get the desired look. If your hair lacks texture try adding sea spray or dry shampoo for extra texture.

The best products to achieve this hairstyle is ones with a matte finish, wet products will loosen your natural texture. Work in your desired product with a hairdryer, heat will help create a messy hair look. This style works well with pompadours, faux hawks and long textured hair. Invest in mousses and work through your hair once it’s washed. Avoid washing your hair too often, this style looks better the less your hair is washed.  

Try and aim to cut your hair once a month, this will keep it manageable and make it easy to hold your style all day. It doesn’t have to be a big haircut,  just trimming it to keep it healthy. If your hair lacks texture get layers subtly cut into it, you won’t lose length but it will take away some of the weight. Don’t be worried about mixing up how to style your hair, dishevelled hair can go in any direction.

This hair is so versatile that long haired men like Jason Momoa and Kit Harrington make it work, but shorter haired stars like Alex Pettyfer and Robert Pattinson also wear it well.

The Fade

This classic technique has been used to taper’s male hairstyles for years, mainly due to how versatile they are. The fade is a great way to modernize your hairstyle, it works with anything from faux hawks to side partings.

The taper fade is the most popular option because it is subtle and low maintenance. This fade gradually tapers down to the neck, keeping it longer for subtlety or a grade zero for a bold anarchic look. A zero fade is similar only the hair is shaved down to the skin making a very striking contrast. A skin fade works better when the hair is kept short on top.

The high fade comes up, as suggested, high up on your head and means the hair shortens at a much faster rate down the side of the head. This is an effective cut if you want to put emphasis on the top of your look, such as a pompadour or a quiff. A medium fade starts halfway up the head using clippers, it’s an in-between for this who don’t want a gradual fade but want something less harsh than a skin fade. A mid or tapered fade is the smartest look.

Wax is the most versatile styling product, apply a small amount and run through your hair to get your desired effect. A comb is a good tool if you want control over structured locks. Clay works if you want a more rough and natural style, however it can be drying. Pomade works well for the wet look but because it is water based won’t always offer the best hold. Clay is the best choice if your hair is fine but creams are better for thicker hair as it has a better hold.

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