The Biggest Hair Trends for Fall 2018

Curtain Bangs

It’s the 60’s inspired hair trend that is not going anywhere. Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Suki Waterhouse and Kirsten Dunst prove that when done right this style can look mature and cool, rather than looking like a 90’s boyband member.

A curtain fringe is achieved by cutting bangs in an inverted V shape, the shorter part of the hair it is where you should wear the parting. Cut at the shortest points, angling down gradually, making sure the hair is left longer towards the cheek bones. The shape doesn’t have to be centred, it can also look good worked into a side parting (especially if you have a cowlick). This cut needs to be professionally done, making sure they take into account the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. To make this cut work it needs to be blended seamlessly into your haircut, something better left to professionals.

This fringe suits nearly every face shape but works better for thin, straight hair. It can be difficult to maintain if you have coarse or curly hair.

If correctly cut there should be no need to style it, this style is supposed to look effortless. Don’t overwork the hair as this will make the fringe not fall as it should. If you have thick or stubborn hair apply mousse before gently blow drying your parting in place. Never use a round brush to dry the fringe under at the roots, it is important to keep the roots flat.

Sleek Ponytail

The Ariana Grande favoured sleek ponytail works amazingly as a day to night style that can be both sporty and sexy.

Start with clean hair and use a brush to smoothen it, a nylon bristle brush is usually best for keep hair flat, gather your hair right below the crown of your head, brushing it again to make sure the hair is extra smooth.  Using a mixed bristle brush throughout styling will help you get rid of any static hair. Apply the product, whilst still holding your hair, we recommended using a quarter sized amount of hair gel serum (this will provide hold but won’t make it feel crunchy) and spreading it half an inch back from the hairline. Use a finishing hairspray for extra hold. Now you can secure your hair, we love bungie hair ties because they have a hook on each end and allows you to pull your hair up without transferring your ponytail to each hand, this is what causes bumps on your ponytail.

After your ponytail is secure, grab a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it and make the whole look sleek.  Keep the pony straight or curl with a three-inch iron.

Slicked Back

Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Rita Ora have all favoured that slicked back, left down look for their red carpet. When added to a smoky eye it can look strong, edgy and powerful. This style works on all hair types but it’s not as suited to heart or square shaped faces, as it can make them look square. This hairstyle works with all lengths and textures of hair.

To achieve this sleek style spray your hair with a texturizing spray before you blow dry it. Blow dry your hair up at the roots and at the crown of the head to add volume, blow dry the sides smooth and push them back. Pin back the sides of your hair using no-crease clips, making sure the top has lots of volume. Now use a one inch ceramic iron to smooth your hair, using dry oil to keep the strands sleek and frizz free.

After the entirety of your hair is straight, backbrush your hair at the hairline and at the crown to make sure you have volume. Smooth the top back with a fine tooth comb, moulding and shaping with a texture paste to create height. Finish with a strong hold hairspray.

Messy Bun

Buns are a classic and timeless hairstyle, this messy version is the newest take on the up-do. If it’s good enough for Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba it’s good enough for us to wear to the office party.

While the messy bun might seem straightforward at first glance, there are a few tricks that you can use to achieve that perfectly dishevelled look. Make sure you have brushed through hair before starting the bun, any tangles or knots will just make it a mess. Add volumizing root spray and dry shampoo if you have flat hair that requires texture.

Create a high ponytail on the top at the back of the head, make sure it’s right up to the crown of your head but don’t worry if it’s a bit messy. If you have long or thick hair tip your head upside down to get the pony hair enough. Divide the pony into two section and use your finger to twist the hair around into a bun, securing it with a bobble. Now you should have something that looks like a ballerina style twisted bun, so now start pulling out strands around your face and loosening up the bun to add volume.

Use bobby pins to play around with the shape of your bun and to keep it secure. Finish with a light hairspray, avoid using too much as this will make it look too crunchy and intentional.

Banana Buns

Banana Buns have been described as the Parisian girl’s ponytail, an alternative to the French twist this hairstyle is a low-slung hairstyle that takes just minutes to recreate.

This style works better on slept in hair that has been dry shampooed for texture. Divide your hair into three even sections, tie back the middle piece in a low loose ponytail and wrap the sections on your right over the top of the middle pony and then twist the two together. Tuck the remaining section under the other two. Use U shapes pins to secure everything into place. You can leave it in a pony shape or tie it up, this depends on your desired look and hair length. Pull a few face-framing pieces out, to make the hairstyle look less intentional.

The Low Bun

Meghan Markle has brought the low bun into style, she loves it so much she wore it on her wedding day. It can be worn with hats, is an easy day to night transition and never looks like you are trying hard.

Start with brushing all your hair back and smoothening it down to create a neat look, comb back your hair with your fingers if you have smooth hair that desires texture. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, either at the nape of your neck of just inches above it, this will be the foundation of the hairstyle.

Tighten your ponytail by pulling at it, the hairband or elastic will create volume at the top of your head. You can also tease down your hair at the crown of your head, to add more texture and volume. Create a pocket to flip your ponytail into by pushing your fingers into the hair around your hair elastic and gently pull it apart. This gap needs to be at least a couple of inch wide but be careful to not completely loosen your ponytail. Flip the ponytail over into this gap (this is called topsy tailing).

Divide this topsy tailed ponytail into three sections, they can be divide equally on vary in size depending on how messy you want it to look. Braid these three sections and then secure with a hair band or elastic. You can braid this anyway you want, fishtail braids looks amazing.

Secure your hairstyle in place by insert u-shaped pins into the gap. Spritz the pins with hairspray before inserting them so they do not slip out.

Pull out a few wispy strands of hair out from around the face to give you a softer, more feminine updo. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray.


Layers have a bad reputation thanks to the 90’s obsession with them. In 2018 layers are more about creating texture and a little well placed volume rather than steal the entire look.

Ask for long layers around the front of your face to help balance out the cut, this will avoid it looking too much like the ‘Rachel’. Layers are an amazing way to give fine hair a bit of width and volume, especially if you have a bob style haircut or are growing out a short style.

Adding subtle layers to curly hair can give ringlets bounce and a little height and has the ability to lift naturally curly hair.

Layers are a great solution to hair that hangs limp and loose without any shape, ask a hairdresser to feather the front of the hair to create short layers and the face to add instant volume to your tresses. Layers are also a great way of hiding extensions and making them look more natural.

If you are nervous about getting layers ask for your layers to be cut in the bottom couple of inches of your hair. When your hair is centre-parted the layers will be invisible but will still create volume.

If you are growing out a pixie crop layers will be your friend. A little choppy texture throughout the ends can stop a bob looking too old fashioned and prim. To make the bob look more rock and roll (think Debbie Harry) work dry shampoo through it with your fingers.

Glass Hair

Glass hair is the newest hairstyle of choice amongst Hollywood’s young elite. It is characterized by a highly reflective lacquer finish and a razor cut edge. This trend was actually started by Vidal Sassoon in the 1960’s with immensely shiny geometric cuts. Lucy Hale and Ashley Graham are just some of the celebs who have been rocking it lately.

This look will work on any hair texture, length or style and is very easy to replicate at home.

Start by taking ultra-fine sections of your hair and straighten them. Brush the top of the  straightening iron and pull down. After straightening run a little bit of oil through the ends of the hair, use something like a heat protecting serum or nourishing oil. Use hairspray for that glassy finish, instead of spraying directly onto the hair, spray it onto your hairbrush and then brush it through the ends.

Blow drying the products into the hair keeps it looking slick for a long time. Use hair gel and then blow dry it into your hair to avoid flyaways and your hair moving around too much.

The 60’s Flip

The 60’s bubble flip can seem a little Betty Draper, designated for sad housewives but stars like Zendaya and Vanessa Hudgens have proved how stylish and youthful it can look. This is a perfect way to revamp a blunt cut bob or a shoulder length bob. This is also a great way of adding extra dimension to fine hair.

This style is easy to achieve with a flat iron, a large round brush and a hair dryer. After washing your hair style mousse throughout, this ensures the flip will hold. Blow dry the hair straight until it is almost dry and then divide into section, roll them around the brush, hold and then blow dry. Before unrolling blast your locks with cold air before fixing with hairspray

If you want to achieve this look with a flat iron dry your completely beforehand. Work through the mousse and apply heat protection spray to the ends. Divide hair into sections and twist the ends around the flat iron. Carefully unroll the ends, let it cool and then fix it with hairspray.

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