Taylor Swift Reveals the Character Behind the Name “Betty” in her Latest Album

Taylor Swift’s Reveals the Character Behind the Name “Betty” in her Latest Album
Image Source: Taylor Swift/ Instagram

The new album released on July 24th, named Folklore, has been gaining a lot of appreciation about the lyrics. Taylor Swift has been one of the fantastic singers the world has come across. Folklore was the eighth studio album. The album has a song “betty”, and she has revealed the interesting part of it. She has used two names in the lyrics about which there has been a lot of speculation.

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Names used in the song

Taylor Swift (30), has been a Grammy winner and has a huge fan base. The Taylor fans have recently noticed that the names used in the song Betty is of the superstar couples Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughters, Inez Reynolds and James Reynolds. Hence the names used are Inez and James.

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Sources say that it has been more than a year that Swift is close to the superstar couple and has been admiring them for a long time. The song title “betty” itself might be named after the couple’s third child. According to the sources, the name is now public even before the baby comes to the world. Though it is just speculation by the fans of Swift as James previously was featured in her previous song named “Gorgeous”. SO they come up with the understanding that Betty could be the name of their next child.

Breaking Silence on the rumours

Although the rumours had started pouring in, Swift did not answer them all at a go. She chose the right time to address her fans about it. She cleared all the rumours on the country radio whilst the song betty already started gaining hits.

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Swift clears out about perspectives she likes in music, that is a singer can sing in any perspective. It’s all about the character she is singing about. Betty is a song from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy who recently lost the love of his life. She stated to the radio listeners that she has always loved music because there she can drift between characters and identities, and can sing through various perspectives. While addressing this she confirmed that the names are of her friend’s kids. So rumours are burst by the singer herself.

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