Scarlett Johansson Shares The Name Of Her Childhood Crushes

She had a crush on Swayze and Bowie when she was a youngster

Scarlett Johansson Shares The Name Of Her Childhood Crushes
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson recently shared the name of her childhood crushes and they are Patrick Swayze and David Bowie. The 35-year-old actress added that she was obsessed with both the late stars – the ‘Dirty Dancing’ actor and the music legend because they used to look great in extremely tight pants at that time.

She was asked if she has ever dreamed of being a Disney star while growing up where she said she never dreamt off. On the contrary, she wanted to be Judy Garland. She had seen adult things at a very early age.

“I watched ‘Chinatown’ when I was nine. Patrick Swayze was my biggest crush. He still is. And David Bowie in ‘Labyrinth’. They opened my eyes to sexuality! Whoa! They both looked great in extremely tight pants,” she shared.

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The famous ‘Marriage Story’ star also started her career as an actress at a very young age. She has earlier said that at nine years old she has learned how to push herself to reach her goals.
She revealed to W magazine’s Best Performances issue: “When I was nine years old, working on a film called ‘Just Cause’ with Laurence Fishburne, we were traveling on a plane somewhere for the film, and he said to me, “Do you want to be an actor or do you want to be a movie star?” I didn’t know what the difference was. I felt like, You can be both, right? And I realized then that you have to keep pushing further and further to stretch yourself to uncomfortable places. If your end goal is to be a movie star, well, that’s different than acting.”

Although she had a crush on Swayze and Bowie when she was a youngster, she is now happy with her fiancé Colin Jost. While speaking about Colin’s proposal last year, Scarlett expressed that it was surprising for her, as well as, beautiful and very personal.

Later, she said that Colin is very charming and very thoughtful and romantic as well. “I think, more than anything, when someone tells you they want to spend their life with you, that’s a lovely, special thing,” she concluded.

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