Rihanna reveals What Made Her Look Like a Clown at Met Gala

Rihanna reveals What Made Her Look Like a Clown at Met Gala
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Rihanna was seen walking through the red carpet in a yellow gown in Met Gala 2015 designed by Chinese designer Guo Pei. It was a couture cape embroidered with a train featured on it. Rihanna has been an internationally renowned singer, bold and tough. In every outfit, the netizens have applauded her for her boldness. She has been her inspiration throughout these years. It is five years after the 2015 Met Gala, she expresses that she was scared to come out of her car in the yellow cape gown she wore for the event.

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Rihanna’s 2015 gown revelation

The theme of the 2015 Met Gala was ‘Through The Looking Glass’, where various other starts were present to be dressed and adorned in Chinese Designer outfits. Rihanna was confused about her outfit at the event. She has expressed her fear of looking like a clown in 2015, also that her movements had to be choreographed. She recalled choreographing her way in and out of the car even. She feared people would laugh at her attire. After five years of Met Gala 2015, she spoke about how she felt overdressed in the cape gown.

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Being bold with fear

After such hurdles of managing a cape gown which took two years to get designed by a Chinese woman and fear of being laughed, she eventually took it as a challenge. He expressed how she pushed herself to let go of all the fears and stand tall in the heavy and long gown. She added she doesn’t regret deciding to just go walk in the red carpet with so much going behind her mind.
Its been a tough time for Rihanna in Met Gala 2015 it seems after her interviews given to the sources.

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