Renee Bargh and Brad Pitt Might Get Together

Renee Bargh and Brad Pitt Might Get Together
Renee Bargh and Brad Pitt Might Get Together

Its not been a fortnight and another rumor about Brad Pitt has taken to the forum. And this time reports have linked the actor to The Voice’s Renee Bargh. Yes, that’s what it reads. Renee Bargh and Brad Pitt might get together.

The mixed hunch

Want to know from where it stemmed? Well, it’s all about a quote that Renee Bargh made while speaking to New Idea. But that cant be asserted to owe a romantic feeling in absolute terms. She said, “I think there’s always butterflies when Brad Pitt is around? I’m only human. I’m always a little nervous to speak to him; you feel his presence before you see him.”

Don’t you find such statements to be quiet obvious? Indeed, who doesn’t get stunned before meeting an a-lister? On the other hand, nothing comes impossible in terms of implication.

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Apart from that, this isn’t the first time the media outlets have associated the personality to a well-known star from the big screen that rocked to catch public attention in a soaring stance.

The sudden blink

However, Renee had a funny experience while interviewing Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards in the month of January. Now does that necessarily mean that they are dating? Who knows the truth?

The Voice co-host posted the semi-viral video on social media which shows the legacy winking at the lady. Oh, that might be the evident clue behind the rumor. Again, on the contrary, it’s too common to exhibit such expression attributed as a bare gesture.

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What’s yet to happen?

In fact, things have been so serious for Brad since the past while earlier in 2020, he jested that someday it might even connect his mom to such incidence. Then he told that he wasnt confident enough to bring his mother to the 2020 Golden Globes. Lastly, his joke couldn’t simply be thwarted in the press’ latest projections.

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