Overjoyed Dad, Brad Pitt is Getting his Kids Back!

Overjoyed Dad, Brad Pitt is Getting his Kids Back!
Overjoyed Dad, Brad Pitt is Getting his Kids Back!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated in 2016 and their court cases had run for the past 4 years. Now that they are battling each other for their Kid’s custody, it is likely that Brad will soon be overjoyed and will taste a victory in the custody case.

Brad worked on himself to be the perfect Dad

During the court sessions, a source has reported that it will not be an easy task to separate a dad from their kid who has worked hard on himself to get his kids back to himself.

Keeping this as a reference, Brad Pitt’s legal counsel is confident that Brad Pitt will be given joint custody of Vivienne and Knox and maybe Shiloh. Vivienne and Knox are twins of age 12, and Shiloh is the elder one, of 14.

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Will any of the kids be given a choice?

According to a source, Zahara (15) and Pax (16) is nearly at an age where they can be given a choice by the court’s side so that they can choose which parents they want to live with. It can be taken into account that they will choose their mom as in Angelina Jolie.

Maddox who is 19 already is on Jolie’s side, as he does not share a good relationship with his father Brad. Also, he does not belong to the case as he is an adult.

Will Brad be able to have joint custody?

The last four years have been turmoil for both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The divorce of the former couple was much easier but the kid custody has drained them away mentally. Now that the court sessions are nearly on its verge, Brad seems to have a better position than Jolie. As of Brad’s legal counsel, who is very much confident about the joint custody, and is almost a factor that Brad did work hard for his twin kid. But Maddox as he is an adult, it is likely that will have to come in a kind of terms to settle their relationship on a better note at least.

Jennifer Aniston Helps Brad Pitt to go through the Divorce Process

The time has come to move on                          

After 4 long years of legal battle, it is time that they will have to move on after everything is set as per the court cases. The kids had very limited and regimented contact with Brad after Jolie and Brad got separated. Now that he will get joint custody of his kids, it is a win-win on his side. Also, Brad is now looking forward to the entire mess to end and be able to move on.

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Jolie seeking full custody

Angelina Jolie is yet seeking full custody of her children so that she can relocate fully to Europe. Even if the mess seems to cool down a bit, but Jolie is adamant about her demand for full custody of her kids.

Jolie has 7 witnesses of the remaining trials which include a domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette. Brad on the other hand has presented 21 witnesses, which includes Jillian Armenante, who in 1999 co-starred with Angelina Jolie.

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