Netflix to Have Meghan Markle Back in Acting?

Netflix to Have Meghan Markle Back in Acting?
Netflix to Have Meghan Markle Back in Acting?

The coronavirus lockdown has had us all binge-watching series on Netflix and other sites. The Royal couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are all set to make us binge-watch again. It is already in the news that the duo is set to produce various productions on Netflix. From scripted series to feature films, documentaries and children’s programming are all on queue for Netflix.


What is highlighting as of now?


According to sources, it is said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the way of productions to promote the charitable interests that are important to them. Markle and Harry are supposed to make use of the streaming platforms following their interest.

The works will be more or less similar to the Netflix documentary Rising Phoenix which was all about the Paralympic Games where Prince Harry has been an advocate for the veterans with disabilities.

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Following the footsteps of the Obama duo


The path seems to be the same as Michelle and Barack Obama, which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are following. Both the couple has been sharing a good friendship for a long time. Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, in 2018 had launched their production company, which won an Academy Award for American Factory, named Higher Ground.


What is coming on Netflix?


There has been no official statement by the royal couple about the productions. Despite it is not official yet, the Vogue has lined up the probable contexts of the shows coming up. This includes a documentary series on nature and animation which will highlight female figures being inspirational. Though for Meghan Markle, there is no plan on her side to return on acting.

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What has been the deal with Netflix?


It is still unknown how much worth the Sussexes’ Netflix deal is. To become financially independent is their motto after leaving the British Monarchy. There has been a rumour that they have achieved up to a six figures fees from a Spotify project. Also, it seems that Meghan and Prince are involving themselves in the film productions and developing some good ties in the Hollywood industry after they have moved to Montecito, California.


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