Mike Tindall Advised Meghan Markle before her Royal Wedding

While the royal battle between Meg-Harry and their UK family continues to rage in furious claims, it has eventually exposed another controversial remark in recent times. Well, it voices Mike Tindall’s public advice to the Suit’s actress before her auspicious royal marriage.

Disproving Meghan’s stint

The former England rugby union captain wed the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips long back in 2011 who revealed his thoughts about the newcomer, accommodating within the royal brood in an exclusive session with Good Morning Britain.

Kicking off the discussion in the forum, he told, “I think she’ll [Meghan] be nervous, but coming from her background in TV she’s used to the public spotlight. Not quite as much probably has gone on this week [in the lead-up to the wedding] but she’ll be fine and I think she’s experienced enough to know that all she can do is enjoy the day.”

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Being empathetic

Then he continued, “The best thing about the Royal Family is that they are so lovely and they’ll spot the people who are looking a little bit nervous and go straight over and take away all of that tension straight out of the room.” The statements sound too contradictory at this juncture.

Mike went on further, “And it’s a special day for them both, and as long as they get a quiet moment during the day and have enjoyed the day that’s what I wish for them, and hopefully they’ll live happily ever after.”

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To one’s saviour

Lastly, he cited his own experience reflecting upon his wedding within the brood who labelled the royal members as “amazing” souls eager to help anyone feeling awkward.

To clarify his expression, Mike elaborated, “Then suddenly you’re in the family and they welcome you with open arms.” Now the question is, did it necessarily unleash a similar note in Meghan’s marriage? We need to use our judging capability.

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