Mike Johnson Shares Some Secret About Demi Lovato

Mike Johnson Shares Some Secret About Demi Lovato
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It’s not at all a mystery that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato have been in touch – be it liking each other’s posts on social media or going to a secret date night here and there. The two are getting close day by day and recently Mike shared a secret about Demi which is quite interesting.

“We’ve gone on more than one date. I like her tattoos. We both have a lot of tattoos and she kisses really well…” he revealed on iHeartRadio’s Almost Famous podcast from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. “I’m getting to know her for her.”

“For one, I’m all about her too and she definitely was the aggressor. I find it incredibly sexy. I love that,” he shared to co-hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti Haibon. “Like you want me, come at me. If I want you, I’m going to come at you and I’m coming at her as well.”

During the discussion, Mike shared that he wasn’t that much familiar because he was not fond of the genre and not because of the singer. However, in recent times, ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is one of his favourites. He again shared that dating in the public eye is not at all easy.

He said that he likes to keep his relationship private but in her case, she is always in the limelight and that some times make the things hard. Being always in the headline, she has to manage many things and he said that he can’t even imagine what is her though on this. He again said that he might not be a gentleman to her always. Although each and every person has their own views, Mike said they are just two ordinary people who are currently exploring life.

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