Meghan Markle’s Hairstylist Shared Surprising Tips for Healthy Hair!

Meghan Markle's Hairstylist Shared Surprising Tips for Healthy Hair!
Image Source: Sussex Royal/ Instagram

Meghan Markle’s hairstylist George Northwood has something for you in his Pandora box. Guess what? He has some tips for you to get healthy and Meghan-like hair. George gives Meghan a classy yet elegant look, also does not forget to keep it healthy. So yes, what are you waiting for? Let us begin!

The Meghan Look!

Without George Northwood, Meghan would be in despair it seems. Those messy buns we see Meghan carrying are just fantastic and relishing to watch, also, the beachy waves. Meghan Markle kept it a secret who is behind her hairstyling but later it came forward after Meghan and Harry stepped down as royal entities.

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George sharing his experience with Meghan

On March 31st the former royal couple announced their stepping down as British Royals. The very same day, George was set free to share his experience working with Meghan Markle. George had worked with Alexa Chung, Lily James, Stella McCartney, Alicia Vikander. On his Instagram post, he expressed that, he had a lot of fun and enjoyment working with Meghan Markle in 2 years. He expressed that he felt honoured to have worked with such an eminent persona in his lifetime. To this he further added, he got to learn a lot of things from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Starting from diversity to equality to mental wellbeing. He loved collaborating with them.

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George tips on How to Take Good Care of your Precious Hair

The lockdown period has been quite a time for everybody. For some lockdown turned out to be helpful and for some the other way round. Many, have faced severe unhealthy hair time. But, here is George waiting to tell you, how you can maintain your hair. So let us begin.

  • Do your over-style your hair? Stop Then and There

As we see the hair of Meghan Markle, she carries an undone wave. This gives a natural look to the hair, without giving it too straight or too curly hair. It’s healthier only if it’s natural. So, the basic is Not To Over-Style Your Hair. The rest will fall in place.

  • Do add volumes to your hair

You won’t like your hair to be thin and plain. So adding volumes to your hair is necessary. It gives a healthy and thicker look to your hair. Volumizing sprays do best before styling your hair. Whether your hair is in bad or good condition, the sprays won’t affect the quality of your hair.

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  • A Regular Trim can Keep Away Unhealthy Hair Away

Regular haircuts are necessary for good quality hair. Regular trims not only give you a fresh look, but it also looks well-managed. Even regular trimming of hair adds volume to the hair.

  • Hair Treatment with Hair Mask is IMPORTANT

Any part of your body needs good treatment regularly to keep it healthy, so does hair. You must get your hair treated with a revitalizing hair mask. It arrests the freezes of the hair; also helps moisturize your hair. Your hair always needs intense and deep conditioning. Conditioning helps fight split ends and brittle textures. This will give a healthier look to your hair, and it keeps your hair strong.

  • Air dry your hair, whenever possible

Heat and styling can destroy your hair. Drying your hair naturally keeps away freezes and dryness of the hair. Air drying your hair is a good measure and procedure to keep your hair healthy. So it is advised, whenever it is possible, to go for air-drying your hair.

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  • Diet Supplements are necessary

Adding good hair supplements to the diet is helpful. The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty is one of the best hair supplements which you can add to your diet. It is a drinkable supplement. It has grape seed extract, Vitamin C, zinc, and berries. These are good for your hair and nails. It gives all-in-all nourishment to your hair.

  • Keep your hair up

Messy bun fits all occasions. So, it is advisable, keep your hair tied into a messy bun, as not only mingles up with all occasions but also keeps your hair safe from various fringe elements in the air. Wash your hair the night before styling your hair. Use a hairdryer to style your hair into a bun. Primers such as Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express can be used before air-drying the hair. The time you have dry hair, use some spritz on your hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl, Barely There Texture Mist, and style your hair into waves. Back brush your hair to give a slightly elevated look, then hold your hair in a ponytail and twist to make a bun.

Do not forget to take notes of the tips given by George Northwood. Enjoy your healthy hair from now on.

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