Meghan Markle Opens up About Her Miscarriage for the First Time Publicly

Meghan Markle Opens up About Her Miscarriage for the First Time Publicly
Meghan Markle Opens up About Her Miscarriage for the First Time Publicly

We already know that the next baby of Meghan and Harry will be called Rainbow Baby as Meghan had faced a miscarriage after the birth of Archie Harrison. Meghan Markle had shared how tragic it was for her to face this.

Despair in Meghan’s pregnancy

Meghan Markle in July spoke about her miscarriage openly. She while speaking with the New York Times had stated that, she went through a drastic emotional turmoil. She added that it was unbearable for her to think about the miscarriage. She expressed that it is not to lose a child.

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Meghan’s Summer News

Meghan shared her experience with CNN saying that, she found herself to be pregnant in summer this year. It was the second time she got pregnant. She fell on the floor with Archie in her hand, and she felt a sharp cramp while she was changing Archie’s diaper. She expressed that, she knew that she was losing her child. She also expressed that, while she felt the cramps within her, she was singing a lullaby to calm Archie and the yet-to-be-born child.

The Challenging 2020

Meghan Markle thanked everybody who made sure that none of the patients in the hospital shall ever have to spend time in isolation. While speaking to the CNN heroes, she expressed that, she remembered kissing Prince Harry’s knuckles holding his hand while she was being admitted to hospital. He was wet from the tears.

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Meghan described how she felt while she was in the hospital bed. She expressed that her eyes “glazed” over after she was admitted to the hospital. Losing a child was painful for both Meghan and Prince Harry and for the royal family too.

The struggle of losing a child

Meghan expressed that becoming a mother was a struggle for her. After losing the second child, Prince Harry was shattered with the loss but he tried to hold up Meghan Markle. She explained how she did not felt things right while she was singing a lullaby for Archie and herself. She could feel the pain within herself while the loss was about to happen.

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Meghan and Women Empowerment

Meghan even before becoming the bride of Prince Harry openly said that women’s voice is unheard, and it needs to be heard. She added that losing a child was not uncommon. It is spoken by few and faced by many. She added that, after she was admitted to hospital, she and Prince Harry realized that out of 100 women patients, 20 were suffering the loss child through Miscarriage. She has bravely spoken that, this is less spoken and is wrapped with shame and taboo.

She finally spoke that the common pain, miscarriage must be talked about.

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