Marvel & Netmarble Announces Their Next Future Revolution

Marvel & Netmarble Announces Their Next Future Revolution
Marvel & Netmarble Announces Their Next Future Revolution

The developer behind Marvel Future Fight has revealed its next game what Marvel and Netmarble have named as Marvel Future Revolution, announcing a new open-world RPG title during PAX East. The mobile game made for iOS and Android, however, features some of the most popular MCU characters including Captain America, Spiderman, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange.

To The World Of Caitiffs: MODOK

According to the press conference, the companies have also stated some villains who will be appearing in the title, including the Red Skull, MODOK, Yellow Jacket, Green Goblin, Baron Mordo, and Red Goblin which alone speaks about its hailing both from Iron Man and Ant-Man somewhere down the road.

What About Doctor Strange? Thor’s Universe Answers

The new game was expected to feature Doctor Strange in some way, following last week’s teaser centred around a crisis known as The Convergence, an event on the occasion in Thor’s universe, being part of the plot in Thor: The Dark World.

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This Time A Lot More Menacing: The Convergence

Coming back to the announcement trailer, it shows New York folded in half where Marvel characters are fighting hordes of aliens, similar to every climax scene of Avengers. Interestingly, the camper also depicts portals from alternate dimensions along with different versions of Spiderman, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange coming out to assist the heroes! However, the invading forces appear to be much more dangerous than the Chitauri in one go. All of the character designs are specific to the comic books, much like MvCI and Marvel Future Fight.

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Via ScreenRant, writer Marc Sumerak described the game as “a multi-universal catastrophe where Earths are about to collide with each other.”

The launch date for Marvel Future Revolution has not been revealed yet.

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