Lip Reader Unveils Charles’ Conversation With Meg-Harry Prior to Sudden Exit

Lip Reader Unveils Charles' Conversation With Meg-Harry Prior to Sudden Exit
Image Source: Suusex Royal/ Instagram

A secret clip showing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving a garden party hurriedly just days after their marriage caught everyone’s attention when a royal commentator alleged that the couple was asked to leave from the occasion.

The royal duo met Prince Charles and Camilla for a garden party in Buckingham Palace in order to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prince of Wales.

While the family seemed happy waving hands and conversing with other visitors, they couldn’t simply overlook Lady Colin Campbell’s story staging the auspicious scenes.

Cracking the reality

And that came to the forefront when the leaked extracts from her new book in the internet claimed a different tale about Meghan. It says the actress told Harry that she was “bored” who wished to exit the bash, while others claimed that the couple was “escorted out” of the occasion.

Recently a professional lip reader has spilled the bean about what Charles exactly told his youngest son prior to their exit, emphasizing that there “definitely wasn’t any angst”.

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Is it a forged tale?

In the footage, Meghan and Harry are seen to be approached by a staff member who seeks to tell Harry that his father wants to speak to him. It then prompts Harry to step aside from the guest interactions turning to his dad who utters something quietly facing his son, as he places his hand on Harry’s arm.

According to the lip-reader, Charles told Harry, “We are going now, We have to leave”, following which Harry replied, “You go ahead”.

Finally, Charles ended the chat saying, “We will go now, see you later” accompanied by Harry’s response, “Yes, catch up after.”

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Self will or compulsion?

Later on, Harry is spotted to nod amidst the conversation who moves ahead of him before patting Charles on the back and eventually returns to Meghan.

Afterwards, Camilla goes to Harry and Meghan kissing them both and waves goodbye to the couple until she makes her way towards the invitees. At that moment, she told the duo, “Just coming to say goodbye, we will see you later.”

In the next moment, the royal pair bid goodbyes to the group they were attending and asked them to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, as they proceeded towards the palace.

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