Korean Star Yuh-Jung Youn’s Epic Reply on being Asked ‘what Did Brad Pitt Smell Like’

Korean Star Yuh-Jung Youn's Epic Reply on being Asked 'what Did Brad Pitt Smell Like'
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The Korean star, Youn Yuh-Jung’s oscar moment was one of the most unique and unprecedented events in the ceremony. The Academy awards ceremony celebrated the big oscar moment of the veteran actress. Youn Yuh-Jung was awarded as the best-supporting actress for Minari. Her hilarious and warm interaction with the Greek God of Hollywood, Brad Pitt was also a show-stunner moment. She said, “Mr. Brad Pitt, finally. Nice to meet you,” as she was accepting the award. This was also Korea’s first-ever acting Oscar. In her chit-chat with the media, she added, “I couldn’t believe he announced my name… so I had to blackout for a couple of seconds.”

The Actress’s Hilarious Interaction

The Korean Star instantly lit up the events with her warmth and a broad smile. Her interaction with Brad Pitt was remarkably hilarious. When Youn Yuh-Jung was in the press room, the real party began. A journalist threw an unexpected question at the Minari star. Asking, “What did Brad Pitt smell like.” But she was not the one to step back. She came with even better sarcasm and replied, “I didn’t smell him, I am not a dog.”

The Matriarch of Minari

At the Oscars of 2021, Brad Pitt presented the award for the Best supporting actress for Minari. Youn Yuh-Jung performed as the matriarch of an immigrant Korean family in the film, Minari. In her acceptance speech, he asked Pitt, “Where were you when we were filming? It’s an honor to meet you.” And we absolutely melt by her warmth. Pitt, 57 won the Best Supporting actor in Oscars of 2020 for his role in Once upon a time in Hollywood.

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Was Pitt Socially Distant?

Following the Oscar interaction with the Korean actress, Twitter was flooded with opinions. Some users questioned the apparent distant behavior of the Fight Club actor. Some labeled his way of greeting Youn Yuh-Jung as rude. He was even criticized for not extending his hand for the 76-year-old Korean star off stage. But the actress did not seem to mind it as moments later the duo was seen rolling to the photo-op area.

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