Keanu Reeves made an Appearance at E3 to Promote Cyberpunk 2077 and left Audience Surprised

Keanu Reeves made an Appearance at E3 to Promote Cyberpunk 2077
Keanu Reeves made an Appearance at E3 to Promote Cyberpunk 2077

E3 2019 the most awaited computer and gaming event has already begun, and this time it has begun with surprise. In the big E3 conference, another cinematic trailer was shown and it ended with a character that looked similar to none other than John Wick star ‘Keanu Reeves.’ Everyone out there in the audience got confused by noticing the similarity.

Surprised Entry in the event

Then there was a surprise entry by a  man wearing a blazer over a black T-shirt with red prints on it emerged on stage amongst a cloud of smoke.

The man was none other than the Reeves himself standing on to the stage.

The John Wick actor never leaves any chance unturned in making everyone go crazy over him. But, This time the news was altogether different and unexpected.

He was there for making the announcement for the release date of most awaited video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. The game is expected to be released in April 2020.

Keanu himself will be playing a role in the game; this definitely added a cherry to the cake. This event proved to be one of the memorable events amongst all E3 until now.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming character playing a video game that is published and developed by CD Projekt RED. The game will be realized for play station 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 1.

Trending on Twitter

While conversing with the audience Keanu Reeves called the game “ breathtaking”. Then right after that,  someone from a crowd shouted: “ You are Breathtaking!” Keanu gracefully responded back by saying “you are breathtaking, you all are breathtaking!!” pointing towards the same guy in the audience. This moment instantly went viral on Twitter and became a trending discussion.

Now let’s wait and watch till 2020 for the upcoming new thrilling game and see how Keanu Reeve’s add more colors to the same.


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