Keanu Reeves, Cillian Murphy and Nicole Kidman would Unfold HBO Max’s New Series

Are you extremely worried amidst the pandemic to get a sound sleep? From now on, the Hollywood stars would take you through a relaxing journey before you go to bed! But who would be the favourite faces from the big screen? Nicole Kidman, Mahershala Ali, Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, Zoe Kravitz, Lucy Liu, and Cillian Murphy define the bold lineup!

An effective collaboration

According to Deadline, the popular streaming platform namely HBO Max has partnered with the producers of the Calm meditation app to come up with a series based on its “Sleep Stories”.

The WarnerMedia Entertainment platform has however asked for 10 episodes of A World of Calm from the application as well as Nutopia to be anchored with a group of A-listers who would be recounting the episodes. Meanwhile, each episode of the show is expected to span for half-an-hour.

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With much ease

If we go by the press release which was issued by the creators, the objective behind the show is to “transport the viewer into tranquillity through scientifically-engineered narratives, enchanting music and astounding footage, to naturally calm your body and soothe the mind.”

Jennifer O’Connell, who happens to be the EVP of Non-fiction and Kids Programming at HBO Max revealed, “With the considerable amount of stress and chaos we are all experiencing at this particularly challenging time, we could all use a bit of guided relaxation, and ‘A World of Calm’ is here to help”. But how promising would be the experience?

To the world of calm

She further stated, “With soothing imagery and tranquil narration, this is one HBO Max original that we hope becomes part of your daily routine”. What else can offer us relief other than this amazing telling?

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The series is co-produced by Calm and Nutopia along with Jane Root, Nicola Moody, Michael Acton Smith, and Chris Advansun who serve as executive producers, and Sara Brailsford and Fiona Caldwell, who happen to be the co-executive producers.

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