Justin Bieber’s new collaboration with Gucci Mane is out now!

Justin Bieber’s New collaboration with Gucci Mane is Out
Justin Bieber’s New collaboration with Gucci Mane

The famous pop star Justin Bieber came into the media discussions recently, as he has teamed up with Gucci Mane for his new track with the title ‘Love Thru Computers.’ Read everything about Justin Bieber’s new collaboration.

Gucci Mane is a famous American rapper who has released 12 studio albums and around 70 mixtapes till date.

He has been clubbed with other famous singers too in the past and along with them too has given massive hits out of it.

This is believed to be released by later this year. ‘Love thru Computers’ is going to be the first single off in Mane’s new album series.

Prior to this news, Justin’s tweet caught everyone’s attention with just by three words, i.e., “Making new music.”

This post didn’t help much in gathering the detailed information, but it seemed like a pure hint of something new and fresh for which fans are getting mad all over.

Coming up with a new album

There are the possibilities that he is coming up with his own new album.

The singer himself posted his picture along with his wife Hailey Baldwin with a caption ‘Studio vibes..with my studio chicka..’ this itself states that something is cooking up in the studio and which will be coming out soon.

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Justin’s recent Album with Ed-Sheeran

Justin Bieber’s last collaboration was with Ed-Sheeran for ‘I Don’t care,’ and it’s been trending in the top five positions of most played songs.

Even before the release of their song, both Bieber and Sheeran kept on sharing indirect posts.

It indirectly hyped up the curiosity for listening to the audio of the track.

Everyone around was so excited to see this duo’s performance together as they both are fantastic at their parts and equally talented in the music world. They have many numbers of hits already assigned by their names.

After the release of the song, fans were very happy with the track and gave a tremendous response.

Their song is in the list of top tracks by so far.

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