Jussie Smollett Lends his Support to the Black Lives Matter Movement in Front of Trump Tower

Image Source: Jussie Smollett/ Instagram

Jussie Smollett voiced his stand for the Black Lives Matter movement at a protest staged outside the Trump Tower in New York. The Mighty Ducks actor came to uphold his opinion while participating in a massive protest in Manhattan on Saturday.

Being bold

Sporting a baseball cap and an orange face mask, the celeb united with several demonstrators outside Trump Tower as he went to fight against the dominant issue of racism as well as brutality practised by the police force pertaining to the system.

While the tower has turned out to be a hotspot for protests in the city, it’s the same location where Mayor Bill de Blasio painted a Black Lives Matter fresco on Fifth Avenue facing the Presidential building.

Jussie Smollett Is Back And Contemplating Suing Chicago

Taking the lead

On the day, Smollett was spotted wearing a blue T-shirt matched with jeans shorts as he got identified by his iconic equal sign tattoo on his right arm. But which group did he join for the purpose remains unknown as starting from day till night, huge protests were carried outside the monument demanding Donald Trump’s removal from the office.

By night, a large group raised a banner outside the Fifth Avenue tower reading ‘Trump/Pence #OutNow’, while another flag asked for ‘Revolution Now!’

Jussie is, however, fighting a $130,000 legal suit from the city.

Status hearing set for a civil lawsuit against Actor Jussie Smollett

On a reported fight

The first set of allegations against the star were discarded in 2019. But when a review of the case was conducted in February 2020, a special prosecutor invited fresh charges against him where he got indicted on six counts on the grounds of creating four false police reports.

The city of Chicago is on the process of recouping the cost of the investigation into the Smollett ‘hoax’ estimated at $130,105.15.

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