John Wick 4 vs Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves Movie is more Interesting?

John Wick 4 vs Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves Movie is more Interesting?
John Wick 4 vs Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves Movie is more Interesting?

Everyone’s favourite Keanu Reeves is coming up with two blockbuster sequel movies in 2022 – John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4. While the brilliant actor is expected to do his best in both the movies, fans have already started comparing which one is more exciting?

Reeves has portrayed several roles in his career and he always tries to reinvent himself with a different type of characters. Both John Wicks and Matrix are considered as his best as well.

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Earlier, The Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 were scheduled to release on May 21, 2021, but due to global pandemic COVID-19, the schedule has been changed. Now both films have been pushed back to 2022 while Matrix 4 will come on April 1 and John Wick 4 on May 27.

The Matrix 4 – Keanu Reeves Biggest Role

2003 sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions are considered as one of those blockbusters which hardly people missed. However, some would find some glitches there from a creative point and they certainly wouldn’t consider as failures financially, especially The Matrix Reloaded.

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Meanwhile, Neo remains Keanu Reeves’ most iconic role so far, and this is arguably the best film he’s ever featured in as well. Even it is still considered as one of the greatest sci-fi and action films of all time as well.

However, with Neo’s death at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, the story of the new sequel is still under the wraps and everyone is eager to know from where it will start.

After a long gap, the sequel is coming and fans can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Moreover, Lana Wachowski, the original co-director is back again and not only Keanu Reeves but his co-star Carrie-Anne Moss is also there.

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And what could be better than this to the fans?

John Wick 4 – Keanu Reeves’ Strongest Franchise

If The Matrix 4 is considered as Reeves’ biggest role, John Wick is his biggest franchise. With its first movie in 2014, it became a huge hit. It has earned a very good review from critics as well and became a super hit financially too.

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The John Wick series is based on fun and offers some violence and action that as well along with a frenetic pace, thrilling hand-to-hand-combat, car-fu, and gun-play which is a must-watch for fans as it has all the ingredients to be a fan-favourite franchise.

While the end of John Wick 3 set up a showdown between John and The Bowery King against The High Table, fans could expect John Wick 4 to begin from there only.

Moreover, with all the recipe of becoming a huge hit, the makers have announced John Wick 5 as well which made the things more interesting for everyone. After all, fans love to see their favourite star more.

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John Wick 4 Is More Exciting Than The Matrix 4?

Meanwhile, it’s tough to decide which movie is more exciting between The Matrix 4 and John Wick 4. First of all, both are sequels to renowned franchises, and both have Keanu Reeves in the lead which will allow him to portray one of his greatest characters ever as well.

Meanwhile, it can be said that John Wick 4 could win the race considering its consistency and the inclusion of Chad Stahelski as the director who is returning after directing 2 and 3 and co-directing the first movie.

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To beat this and restoring the franchise old glory, The Matrix 4 will have to come up with their best in the new sequel. It will be interesting to see which one will entertain fans more.

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