Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Earthlings’ Saved 13 Lives in a Hostage Situation in Ukraine

An armed man from Ukraine has captivated around 13 people to push his demand to the country’s president about endorsing a Joaquin Phoenix movie publicly, Deadline reports.

The person whose name stands as Maksym Kryvosh carried a rifle as well as explosives which gave way to a 12-hour standoff with police officers. Amidst the hostage, bullets were hurled towards some of the bus windows, but fortunately, no bloodshed took place.

With the motive

Maksym happens to be a popular animal rights activist, who bears a criminal record for possessing a gun. His objective behind creating the entire situation was to promote Earthlings, a 2005 documentary narrated by Joaquin.

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A menacing moment

As soon as Zelensky shared the message about “Earthlings,” Krivosh freed all the hostages surrendering to police, The New York Times has reported. He liberalized three hostages earlier on the same day after speaking to the president over the phone.

Meanwhile, Krivosh seized a bus barricading himself in Lutsk on Tuesday morning. Later on, everything came to the forefront following his manifesto and demands posted on the Twitter handle.

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Shaun Monson has directed the film to put forward the suffering of animals at various places including factory farms, research labs, puppy mills, etc. Apart from that, the film captures the use of animals in agricultural and scientific industries shot in hidden camera besides comparing speciesism to racism and sexism among human beings.

Accepting the deal

Caught up in the threatening circumstance, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was convinced to go by Maksym‘s request who shared six-second footage from the movie on the presidential Facebook page with the caption, “Everybody watches the 2005 documentary ‘Earthlings.’”. Without any delay, the clip was removed after being played.

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If you don’t yet know, Joaquin is also known for his animal rights activism who following his Oscar win rescued a baby calf from getting slaughtered.

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