Is Rice Gluten Free? Does Rice Have Gluten or Not?

Can Rice be a Part of Gluten Free Diet?

Can Rice be a Part of Gluten Free Diet? Is Rice Gluten Free? Does Rice Have Gluten or Not? Types of Gluten free Rice.
Is Rice Gluten Free? Does Rice Have Gluten or Not?

Gluten, a specific type of protein is available in certain cereals. Mainly cereals like wheat, barley, rye, etc contain gluten in them. Gluten acts as a gluing agent and helps in maintaining the shapes of certain processed foods like breads, cereals, and pasta. Whereas rice, in general, irrespective of the varieties happen to be gluten-free. Even, a particular variant of rice, better known as glutinous rice is also devoid of gluten. It is sticky by nature. Those who are suffering from celiac disease must abstain themselves from gluten consumption. Others may discard gluten to avoid certain health hazards.

How to avoid contact with gluten?

Again, no need to worry about gluten as long as you are dealing with natural or unprocessed forms of rice. But this doesn’t imply that rice-based products or processed rice are also gluten-free. Be aware of rice mixed with additional components that may contain gluten. Check the labels of the packages of rice before purchasing. Stick to those which are already e as gluten-free. While harvesting, cross mixing may occur. This means rice may get associated with wheat, rye or barley.
Again if you cook rice as well as other gluten-containing products using the same containers, then there is a chance of contamination at home only. So make sure to use separate containers.

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About Popular Varieties of Rice

Brown and white rice are the most popular varieties. While white rice is popularly consumed in various parts of the world, brown rice is widely popular among healthy groups.

Brown Rice

Many nutritionists also recommend brown rice over normal rice variants. Brown rice is rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals. It can also be treated as a good resource of antioxidants. Brown rice is considered good for the heart and can also be helpful for controlling type 2 diabetes. It smoothens bowel functioning.

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White Rice

Brown rice is processed to produce white rice. Though the taste is preferred by quite a lot but the processing removes the essential nutrients. As it is processed, it may raise the sugar levels in the blood.

Rice Containing Gluten

Sushi Rice

In order to make the texture sticky, it is often treated with vinegar. This vinegar in most cases is wheat vinegar. Thus this rice is definitely not recommended for gluten intolerant people.

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Boiled Rice

In many stores instant boiled rice are available. As it is time-saving, so certain people prefer to buy it. But there are wide chances of contamination as there is no surety that this rice is being boiled in separate gluten-free pots.

Instant Rice Mixes, as sold in supermarkets contain gluten or gluten-based ingredients.
So it is better to stay away from the gluten-containing rice types if you want to stay away from gluten.

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