Hugh Jackman takes a Dig at Ryan Reynolds and even added Blake Lively to the mix

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HBO’s Bad Education helped the famous Hugh Jackman to be nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award because of his brilliant work. This was huge for Hugh as he claimed that his nomination is like an icing on the cake because filming Bad Education was a great experience for him. But, his reaction to the nomination witnessed a dig at Ryan Reynolds and also fake text from Blake Lively as well.

While speaking about the nomination, Scott Tweedie of E! asked if any of Hugh’s friend congratulated him, especially Ryan Reynolds. Notably, these two actors are not on talking terms since ages now. And, Hugh didn’t let the opportunity go and took a jibe at Ryan where he even dragged Ryan’s wife as well.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds feud is triggered back, this time on an eight year old’s birthday celebration

Hugh said to E! News, “It’s a good way to wake up! I feel really good. I’m thrilled the film got nominated. Good day in our house. Lots of texts from everyone I know, nothing from Ryan [Reynolds]. But Blake…Hang on, I’m just reading it now. ‘He’s devastated. He says he’s not getting out of bed for three days. This is the greatest gift you’ve ever given me. I don’t know! That’s all I got from Blake.”

However, when he was asked if there is any chance of them getting back together into talking terms, Hugh said that he is “open” to an apology.

Hugh Jackman Reveals His Well Known Feud With Ryan Reynolds Began Because Of Scarlett Johansson

Currently, the entire world has been fighting against the global pandemic novel coronavirus which has brought the world into a standstill. This has affected more than 16M people worldwide and claimed over 654K lives so far. Not only this, this pandemic has affected people’s lives in various other ways as well which also included the cancellation or postponement of several events – be it sports or movies or anything else.

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Amid this situation, 2020 Emmys likely not to take place and it is expected to be virtual as well but that certainly won’t stop Hugh from dressing formally for the event as well as he prepared from the waist up.

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