How Coronavirus Pandemic Is An opportunity To Grow & Develop?

Our Lives and the coronavirus pandemic

How Coronavirus Pandemic Is An opportunity To Grow & Develop?
How Coronavirus Pandemic Is An opportunity To Grow & Develop?

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought the world into standstill where not only people are getting affected in every way but they also lost their lives as well. More than 1 million people in the world have been affected and more than 50k people have lost their lives so far because of this virus. Not only that, but several people have also lost their jobs and many are on the verge of it as well.

Currently, the people are in lockdown and spending time in their homes.

In an article in The Point magazine, a professor of history and philosophy at the University of Paris named Justin EH Smith shared an interesting observation about life in quarantine. Without making the tragedies of the current pandemic less important, he shared that there are many things which we failed to carry forward for some reasons, we can do those as well.

Smith on people’s lives

He said, “Any fashion, sensibility, ideology, set of priorities, worldview or hobby that you acquired prior to March 2020, and that may have by then started to seem to you cumbersome, dull, inauthentic, a drag: you are no longer beholden to it,” he writes. “You can cast it off entirely and no one will care; likely, no one will notice.”

Moreover, for some people, some bad habits have abandoned also amid this situation. However, Smith says that disruption and isolation have a way of encouraging people to electively re-evaluate their lives and that can certainly be helpful.

While he surveyed friends and colleagues about this, his friends shared that they cut ties with frustrating people in their lives and also unfollow people posting anything false as well while another one revealed that not to touch the face has finally helped him break his nail-biting habit. Another one who was a self-professed “big online shopper”, has left the habit and don’t want to resume that again.

More Than 1 Million IT Professionals Might Lose Jobs Due To COVID-19

On the other hand, according to Dr Susan David, a Harvard psychologist and host of a new TED podcast series on balancing emotion with the pandemic and living through a crisis can be distressing. People who’ve gone through some struggle in the way that we are going through now, that struggle can create anxiety.

However, this social distancing and the lockdown phase will have an effect on our future. There will be an effect on the economy as well. There are a few market researchers like Alex Quicho, the associate director of cultural intelligence at Canvas8, has been closely monitoring how we will navigate the world after this pandemic.

Quicho revealed that now the people are experiencing grief as the virus affects their loved ones. Moreover, they are in isolation which creates boredom and they need for small joy and many habits changed has been witnessed as well. Research says many spends on eating in restaurants (82%) and travelling (78%) in the pre-quarantine time in China. Although many industries have been suffering due to this.

Status Of Education In the Light Of Corona Pandemic

According to researchers, luxury goods can witness the biggest consumer fallout in the post-pandemic market as several people have realized how much they spend on luxury things and they might not resume their habit as well. Moreover, Quicho said that 61% of surveyed respondents reduced or cancelled their spending on luxury during the coronavirus pandemic; even 21% have already said that they would continue to reduce after the current situation gets better.
However, the situation is expected to be better in the coming months and the people will also grow to understand what is good for them and what not along with the effects of social distancing.

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