Harry and Meghan Proposes to Keep Met for Security in the US

Harry and Meghan Proposes to Keep Met for Security in the US
Harry and Meghan Proposes to Keep Met for Security in the US

Are you concerned about the protection of the royal couple who recently carved a way out of the Windsor mansion? They are also tensed over the matter as Meg-Harry don’t really know when things would however progress in the near future as the duo has been in public surveillance for quite a long time while staying in their new abode.

Negotiating the instance

Although they previously made a formal offer to the Met police, it was simply rejected on the face as “unworkable”. Then, the pair went on for a second deal which is yet to receive a response.
However, an insider was heard saying, “During the ‘Megxit’ talks, Harry and Meghan said they were keen to keep their royal protection Met cops and offered to pay the Met to have them. This was rejected by the Met as unworkable. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry then explored other ways of keeping at least one or two of the Met cops – offering to pay them privately.” Now, the cops’ reaction is awaited for the private tender.

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Refuting the proffer

Begetters close to the duo revealed that they have not still hired their own sentry who is currently being looked after by a Hollywood security firm.

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Cut back to the royal step down, when the couple shifted to Los Angeles in March, US President Donald Trump took over Twitter insisting that the state won’t agree to reward for their certainty. Then, he stated in social media, “They must pay!”

With terms and conditions

Meanwhile, Pals have denied that Prince Charles needs to reimburse their £4million-a-year safety tab, following reports that they cannot purvey to repay the £2.4million price of refurbishing their UK home if he fails to do so.

Lastly, the fandom needs to pass the current spell of patience to explore the ultimatum.

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