Harry and Meghan are Going to Follow the Footsteps of the Obamas’ for their Post-Royal Life

Harry and Meghan are Going to Follow the Footsteps of the Obamas' for their Post-Royal Life
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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, the former President and first lady of USA are acting as points of inspiration to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as the Royal couple are going to follow the Obamas while starting their new non-Royal career. Meghan and Harry have signed a contract with Harry Walker Agency and Netflix originals. Harry Walker Agency is a renowned speaking agency in New York, which works for the Obamas too after they have left the White House in 2017. Signing a Netflix production also resembles the deeds of Barack and Michelle Obama.


The couple launched their official website with details of their charity


On 8th January 2020, the day of resignation from the Royal positions, Meghan and Harry launched their official website sussexroyal.com. It is just similar to the act of the Obamas launching their official website obama.org, on 20th January 2017, the day Obama’s duty as President officially reached the end. On the website, the details, and plans of their charity, The Obama Foundation was given. Similarly, the Royal couple also has decided to speak about environmental issues, mental health, and social injustices like racial discrimination, gender discrimination, etc. through their website. Not only that but also, they have founded their own non-profit charity Archewell, which is named after their child Archie.

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Just like the Obamas, they have signed to Netflix


On 2nd September 2020, an announcement about signing to Netflix came from the Royal couple. The Obamas also, after leaving the White House, decided to keep themselves engaged with the production of docu-series and scripted television shows. The production company of the Duke and the Duchess is yet to be named. Also, they are going to sign a deal for their royal biography “Finding Freedom”, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.


The couple is planning for the annual summit


The Royal couple is planning for a world tour and summits for their charity foundation. After ‘Becoming’, the memoir of Michelle Obama was released, the former first couple travelled around Europe, the US, and Canada for their book tour. It was documented by Netflix. Harry and Meghan are also planning for a similar world tour for their speech programs of Archewell. It also has a great chance to be documented. Just similar to the Obamas, Harry and Meghan are also planning for the annual summit for their foundation.

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