Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Are Going Strong

Bachelorette: Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Spotted at Gigi Hadid’s Apartment

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Are Going Strong
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Gigi Hadid and Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron have been going strong in the relationship. In a recent photograph of E! News, they were seen leaving her apartment in NYC separately on Monday night.

Back Story

According to an eyewitness, Tayler left the building around 6 p.m. in casual shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers to meet with his friend Matt James. Soon after 45 minutes, the other one headed out to see friends in the Soho neighbourhood in a black outfit. One of the insiders said Gigi was looking good and was pretty chilled out.

Love Is In The Air

Both of them first met on Instagram and pretty open about their connection. Last week they spent time together at Brooklyn’s Dumbo House. A source also said that Gigi is interested in Tyler.

“They met for drinks and they got along really well. It was very casual but they were laughing and had a very engaged conversation. They are both taking things slowly but have both made it clear they are interested in each other,” said the source.

Even after 24 hours later they both spent time together with their friends and the next morning he was seen leaving her apartment. Even after a couple of hours, Gigi too left her apartment for window shopping.

“He really likes Gigi, but it’s just a fling for now,” an insider previously said. “They are both gorgeous and single and they’ve had fun spending time together. He’s living in the moment and not thinking too much past that.”

However, Hannah was earlier asked Tyler out for a drink although the things didn’t take place the way it should be.

“He has every right to do whatever he wants because we were just, you know, hanging out, seeing where it goes,” she shared.

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