Fall Hairstyles for Men

Fall is coming, so say goodbye to the sun, sand and sunbathing. It’s time to reconsider the haircuts as the cold nights start to draw in, perhaps a minor change to freshen up your image or a whole make up revamp. If you’re thinking of changing your hairstyle, we’ve put together a few tips and techniques to makes sure you avoid classic pitfalls of male grooming.

Let us guide you through some of the coolest fall hairstyles for men.

Messy Texture

It’s time to break those neat pompadours free and embrace messier, textured look, they will make your hair look effortless and youthful.

Texture and movement are key to this style, so ask your hairdresser to make it look messed up. Styled badly this style will look a little bit emo but styled well it can add dimension to your hair. This versatile haircut can be styled differently every day.

Push your length up and style using a matte clay like Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay or Jack Black Clay Pomade. Using a pomade will stop your hair falling into one clump and will make it look more laid back, like you haven’t tried at all. This is the perfect trend for those who want to grow your hair out, it’ll get you through that awkward middle length stage.


The Peaky Blinders influence undercut is here to stay for another season. The best thing about this haircut is that it’s simple and stylish, as well as being incredibly versatile.

Leave length on the top while cropping, buzzing or fading the back and sides. You can keep the length and style it into a quiff, a pompadour, a slick back or disconnect it with textured length. This haircut relies of gradual layers at the nap of the neck and temples that will create a sophisticated transition between lengths.

Consider a softer, preppier undercut with that Tom Hardy style side parting. Keep the sides longer with a scissor cut out or a low fade. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to jump out of bed and go, avoiding a daily blow dry.

The BuzzCut

The military-inspired haircut never goes out of fashion but this year it’s very short on the back and sides but with a little bit more hair on the top.

If a buzzcut is a bit too neat and tidy, try adding more texture by asking your hairdresser to do a clean scissor cut. Whilst it’s easy in styling because it needs to next to no time in it but it does require weekly or fortnightly touch-ups or it starts to lose its edge and look unkempt.

When requesting this style at the stylists, ask for the top of the hair to be taken to a grade 2.0 or 3.0, and then a grade 1.0 on the back and sides. This gradual effect is a modern way of tapering out a hairline and creating a gradual effect.

Though the buzzcut works for most face shapes, those with large ears or an even head may want to think for another option. Very short buzzcuts will bring out any lumps or scars on the head.

The Fringe

When done right the fringe can actually look very cool and add dimension to your hair. This is a haircut you need to proceed with caution with as when styled badly, it can become reminiscent of 2006 Justin Bieber.

This is a versatile hairstyle because you don’t have to style it the same way every day, it’s easy to play around and create different dimensions and textures.

This is a hairstyle that works better for men with thicker hair but if you have a decent amount of hair there are stil plenty of options with this cut. The two coolest fall trends for fringe haircuts are working it into a heavy forward fringe or pushed to the side with a textured, messy finish.

This hairstyle requires a decent amount of product to keep the desired look in place, especially if you want a swept back look. Thin hair will need a lightweight pomade but if you have thick hair it’s a necessity to invest in a strong wax. If you do use a strong wax on a daily it is essential you invest in a good shampoo and condition as you hair can start feeling weighed down. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to keep your hair feeling light and healthy.

The Man Bun

The man bun isn’t the most universally loved men’s hairstyle but it can work if styled right. The main rule is to keep as messy and unstructured as possible, this will make it feel more modern. Remember to keep the styling rough.

Beards can be a great balancing tool to make your man bun look cool and edgy. Having a beard will make sure that your man bun isn’t taking over your whole look and distracting people from your style and looks. Having a beard will also help with those who worry that a man bun will make you look too feminine.

Whilst we all want sleek healthy locks, hair that is too smooth and shiny will not work well with the structure of the bun. You have to maintain a balance between keeping your hair healthy but still have enough texture to make the style look good. Before you start styling the hair, tug it back into a messy bun and then run hair wax through it, for extra texture and a better hold.

Make sure you use a moisturising conditioner that works for your hair type and avoid any products with sulfate, as this will strip your hair of its natural oils.

Go Blonde

Men dying their hair blonde isn’t for everyone but it is very on trend. We recommend always speaking to a professional first so you can avoid some of the common mistakes people when going blonde.

There are three shades of blonde that are on trend in 2018, which one will suit you?

Platinum. This silver- toned hue is hard to maintain and takes a longer time to create. It is incredibly in fashion with Zayn Malik dying his buzzcut platinum, and Adam Levine, Riz Ahmed and Charlie Puth all taking the platinum plunge.

Ash Blonde is less intense than platinum, more wearable and can be blended into darker roots, it looks amazing with lighter skin tones.

Copper blonde is the most subtle blonde option. Copper blonde or a strawberry blonde is a good transition before you go full platinum blonde. This color mixes auburn in with a dark blonde, which complements darker skin tones.

It is important you buy thick purple shampoo to keep the color fresh.  It is important to deep condition your hair before bleaching it, especially if you have never done it before. Apply a deep conditioner a couple of days before you plan on dyeing or bleaching it.

Crew Cut

Unlike the buzzcut the crew cut is tapered in the back and side, often with a fade, and the length is left on the top. This is a classic textured shape that involves a grade 3 clipper finish and a soft texture finish. The square layered shape is achieved with scissors. The length at the top should blend smoothly into the sides and then the length should gradually increase towards the front hairline, this allows the hairline to be worn as a quiff or with a fringe.

The crew cut comes with minimum styling and maintenance. A dry, texture pomade works well for this style as you don’t want to be too fussy and perfect in how you style it.

For a modern textured crew cut leave the hair a little longer on top and style with sea spray with a defined texture that will last all dat.

Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy and David Beckham are fans of the crew cut fade. It’s a lengthier more textured classic crew cut, with a low to mid fade on the back and sides. For this style to look its best make sure the weight is around the back and sides, while maintaining the top length. Use a texturizing wax or a thickening paste if your hair is straight or a texture spray if your hair is wavy.

Long and Natural

This Timothee Chalamet inspired look is essentially a longer version that the curtains but using the hair’s natural texture. This look needs layers and length at the back. The length will depend on your hairs natural texture, but it should sit at cheek bone level.

Ask for the hair to be point cut as this will soften ends of the curls. If you have thick hair, slide cutting will take out some of the weight for a better shape. To style your locks like Chalamet take sections of damp hair and work through and twist each curls with a curl building serum or a curl perfecting lotion.

Avoid using shampoo when you wash and opt for going straight to the conditioners. A cleansing conditioner can help nourish the hair and retain moisture, making the curls more defined and skipping the frizz at bay. Use shampoo once a week to clarify the scalp and roots.

The Classic Side Part

A classic Cary Grant style side parting can smarten up most haircuts from skin fades to scissor cuts. They rule is to keep the sides shorter than the top. This vintage style requires a grade 2 or 3 to the sides and a grade 4 on the top.

This hairstyle will suit anyone, especially those who want to sharpen a round face. Parting to the temple and close to your forehead will make you face appear squarer and will take away the roundness.

Follow the spiral of your cowlick to choose which side your parting is. Personal preference will play a part, but if you go against the cowlick it will be harder to style and won’t look as effective. Place the parting on your recession point, where the hair naturally divides, but be aware this could expose any bald patches you may have.

Use sea salt spray, a hairdryer, or pomade for that sleek classic finish. Using sea salt sprays will prevent frizz. Blow dry the hair to create volume or towel dry to keep it sleek and frizz free. Avoid using waxes and pastes, as they will be difficult to comb through and although gel can make your hair glossy it will get crispy as the day goes on. The best styling option is pomade as it gives the wet look without going crunchy and clumpy.

The Long Sweep

Long hair of men has been making a comeback, slowly heading away from 70’s rocker and into a cool masculine feeling shoulder-length. This sleek and refined look uses a gloss styling gel to avoid the big 80’s hair rock frizz. Ask your barber or stylist to not layer the long hair and instead maximize length and sleekness.

Once you have the length it is easy to style, all you need to do is run some medium-shine cream or pomade through damp hair and then follow up with a thin tooth comb through the strands. This is a versatile style that can be added to many different cuts and textures.

Cream and oils, in small amounts, offer the best balance between hold and free flowing hair plus they provide natural shine that will improve volume and nourish the hair. The weight of your hair should do most of the work and hold back your hair, meaning you don’t need to use a lot of product.

An undercut can be added to this style, and was a staple 1930s cut that is having a comeback in 2018. The sides and back are cut short to the same length, with the top being left long enough to be slicked back into a long sweep.

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