Elon Musk Hints About His Wish to Set Up Tesla’s Second Gigafactory in Asia

Image Source: Tesla.com

Elon Musk has come to hint about his wish to set up Tesla’s second gigafactory in Asia. As he responded to queries on the Twitter handle, he indicated that the location of the second outlet won’t be necessarily inside China.

The soaring market

At present, the third gigafactory in China happens to be the electric carmaker’s only operational facility across the globe, producing Tesla Model 3 sedans and stands on a 9,300,000-square feet ground.
On the other hand, the company aims to expand its lineup in the country with a locally built Model 3 sedan which is expected to offer a longer driving range. The next goal under the plan lies in producing a brand new Model Y.

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A new switch

Now to speak about Asian ventures, India might appear in the firm’s list to be complemented with cheap land and labour supply. In June this year, the Tamil Nadu government wrote to top execs of automobile companies, including Tesla in a bid to invite their businesses in the state.

Who would bag the project?

Meanwhile, Tesla has been looking out for new places to establish its factories outside the United States sparked by the rumour of Elon Musk travelling around the world.

His recent visit to the United Kingdom sparked doubts about Musk’s motif of setting up his second facility in Europe. The first facility which is based in Germany is currently undergoing construction while staying on the top of Musk’s priorities. If we go by Tesla’s plans, it seeks to build 500,000 electric vehicles per year at its new factory on the outskirts of Berlin.

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Again, the firm has approached an Austin-area school district in Travis County to seek tax subsidy.
Tesla’s current US vehicle assembly factory is located in Fremont, California, and runs with 10,000 employees. It has a second US factory in Reno, dedicated to building batteries for its vehicles.

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