Ed Sheeran Opens up About Difficult Time and Pitfall of Fame

Ed Sheeran Opens up About Difficult Time and Pitfall of Fame
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Ed Sheeran, a 29-year-old singer, and songwriter. He had performed 180 shows across the globe and was the first artist to make the headlines at Wembley Stadium. Even after securing a huge success in his second album “X”, followed by world tours in the year 2014 and 15, he fears his loss of fame. He shares he had a difficult time which affected the fame he had acquired through his musical journey.

Difficulties in career

Hay House organized an online wellness summit, in a documentary, Ed revealed about the time where his fame began to fall due to his ‘addictive personality’. He added, it deteriorated his mental and physical health.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, he spoke to an interview about how he did not witness sun lights in 4 months because he did show, drank, came back on the bus parked outside the arenas of the show, and sleep. Though this video was filmed before the corona outbreak, was aired and uploaded on YouTube in this month itself.

How Ed Sheeran steered towards a healthy lifestyle from being an alcoholic?

He revealed how a glass of wine didn’t help him pass the rest of the time, so he ended up drinking two bottles. This in turn made him quite sad, he added. Before this, he expressed about his tattoos which covered his body. Managing an addictive personality lead him to gain too much weight, he expressed. Two meals at a time he used to order, and eat; also he used stuff himself with desserts and ice creams. He added that he started hating the way he looked.

A change in lifestyle: the making of a better present

Sheeran’s wife Cherry Seaborn, according to him has helped him change his addictive lifestyle. He intensely believes that it is his wife, for whom he has stopped drinking, as Cherry drinks less. He has started to jog around because Cherry does the same, also they both share exercise sessions.

Though he reveals that after he successfully earned fame in his life and career, there were a lot of relationships that ended, as his fame brought insecurities in their lives.

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