Drake Sued for “In My Feelings” and “Nice for What” Songs

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According to the TMZ reports, Drake is being sued for unauthorized sampling on the song “In My Feelings” and “Nice for What”.

Back Story

A musician named Samuel Nicholas III, also known as Sam Skully, is alleging that a beat of his own was used on the popular track. Skully also claimed that the sample in question was taken from an old song of his, “Roll Call,” which according to him, was originally released back in 2000. The musician, who belongs to New Orleans has further claimed that he was never contacted about the alleged sample. However, “In My Feelings” was produced by TrapMoneyBenny and BlaqNmilD.
But that’s not the end.

Along with the “In My Feelings,” Sam Skully has been also reportedly suing Drake over the “Nice for What” song and is claiming that a portion of another one of his beats was stolen and used on the track. “Nice for What”, however, was produced by BlaqNmilD & Murda Beatz.

According to the TMZ reports, Skully has sued Big Freedia, as well as labels Asylum Records, Cash Money Records, and Republic Records, as well and the person has sued for damages.

The Achievements

On the other hand, Drake recently became the first solo artist to reach a milestone of 200 appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Drake, who has made 203 visits to the chart, is just behind the cast of Glee, who have 207 appearances. While speaking of chart achievements, Drake recently shared the excitement and got a tattoo of the Beatles to celebrate, well, having “more slaps than the Beatles.” the tattoo can be clearly seen on the photo shared by Drake’s fansite Word On Road.

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