Does Meghan Markle’s story so far resemble Anne Boleyn’s?

Days are gone when women didn’t have the urge to raise their voice against men in a patriarchal society as Meghan continues to break the stereotyped division in her bold attempts. if you climb down the timeline, the date 19 May 1536 demands special attention across the globe when it comes to patriarchal subjugation as Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, faced execution in the Tower of London over reasons stating her to have committed High Treason. And you know what that disloyalty was in reality?

An utter injustice to the pure soul

Well, the lady was subjected to charges of sorcery, Oedipal love & infidelity being hated from the common population of Great Britain. As the chapels, apostles denigrated the former queen, the Parliament, Court and the legislation ascertained her death which was well dominated by the prevalent male power. The lawsuit marks the chronicle as an absolute frontage which arose from the blame of being unable to produce a male child. However, the predominant perception flowed to the next generations establishing the status quo of gender discrimination.

Meghan Markle Gleams In Her Quintessential Flair For A Virtual Consternation

Exploiting the humane values

Cut to the modern era, the constitutional Monarchy has ceased to deliver death sentences while the Royals have been empowered to act according to their best wishes. There comes the role of the press in shaping public opinions as you have been aware of the British Tabloids who have successfully carved the former discourse aligning to the strengthened principles.

Meghan Markle Is Assured To Become The Most Prominent Influencer In The World

The foray of radicalism

Lastly, the highly conceived ideology was refuted by the former Duchess of Sussex as she married Prince Harry on the same day when Anne was beheaded. Throughout the journey, the press comes to signify the much-deemed power in order to flash views on white supremacy, ethnocentrism and extremism. Do you remember the moment when Queen’s cousin princess, Michael of Kent was spotted in a little blackamoor brooch on the occasion of Christmas banquet at Buckingham Palace? Undoubtedly, the gesture reminded people about taking part in an event alongside a woman of colour.

Ironically, Anne was considered responsible to manipulate Henry’s motives in exiting from Catholicism like Meghan being subjected for Megxit from the UK.

The rest has already been interpreted by witty minds like us.

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