Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Split After 2 Months of Engagement

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Split After 2 Months of Engagement
Image Source: Demi Lovato/ Instagram

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich took a separation just after their two months of engagement. Demi Lovato gave a big announcement for the proposal Max brought out to her. Her social media post of engaging with Max Ehrich was official and loud. Friends were invited to the event by the beach.

Dating Timeline

Lovato and Ehrich started seeing each other around March after the lockdown was imposed for coronavirus. They had spent their lockdown together that was after their months of dating. It was in July that Max had planned for an extravaganza proposal by the beachside. He proposed Demi on one knee. Demi soon accepted his hand for the engagement and soon shared photos on Instagram.

Demi on her social media handle

Demi soon shared it on social media and expressed her love for Max. Demi had written that she felt love for Max from the moment she met him. It was unable to describe how she felt for him, and especially to them who have not experienced love firsthand. She added, not only she felt love for him but also the vice versa. She had never felt nor experienced unconditional love in her life except her parents. She expressed that even after having faults and flaws; the love she received from Max was unconditional and true. She also further added that Max always wanted her to be herself. He prioritized Demi to be most important in her own life. She felt honoured to accept his hand in marriage.

How Perfect is Max Ehrich for Demi Lovato Ahead of their Married Life?

Max on his social media handle

Why only Demi shall post on her social media handle about the love life she had stepped in? Even Max posted with lovey-dovey lines. Demi being a singer, Max dedicated his love saying that Demi is every love song, every film, and every poem and everything he could ever dream of. She is more than a partner in his life, which cannot be described in words. His love for her too cannot be placed in words as it is infinite.

2 months of engagement and a split

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have decided to move on from the relation they shared. Their motto is to now focus on their aspired career. The recent reports by People state that Demi’s and Max’s engagement was called off by them. This development occurred during the quarantine period subjected to the coronavirus.

Demi Lovato in Love with Max Ehrich’s New Music

Just a split or a twist in the relation?

Neither Demi nor Max had addressed the reasons for their breakup. It is like the lockdown romance ended. Reports stated that Max had sent Thirsty Tweets to Selena Gomez, a report says.

Demi and Max on their relation

Demi and Max express that they have the love and respect for each other, as it was from the very first day. But, they want to move on from the relationship and remain to be a friend to focus on their career. They also reminisce about the time they spent together.

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