David Schwimmer pours water on fans hope of Friends reunion plan

David Schwimmer, the cast member of Friends, has responded fans to the idea of a reunion, saying “Well, no. I mean…. No,’” in a recent appearance on The Lateish Show With Mo Gilligan while he was asked the question.

The actor and director, who had played Ross Gellar in the superhit show felt that the show had a perfect end. “I think we all feel it kind of ended in the perfect way,” he said.

However, his former co-star Matt LeBlanc too said that he didn’t want fans to know how the Friends group have become now after so many years later.

“I understand that people really want to see that reunion but that show was about a finite period in those characters’ lives, between 20 and 30,” he expressed.

He further added that everyone’s imagination regarding them now is good. He even felt the book is better than the movie itself. On the other hand, Lisa Kudrow, who played the character of Phoebe Buffay, said similar things. She added that the show was about the age group of the twenties and thirties and not about forties and fifties.

So, probably no reunion is going to happen.

However, not everyone thinks in the same way. Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green, said that there could be a chance of a revival. Even she said she would love to do it and she was sure that the boys will do too.

However, the hit show, Friends, will be removed from the online streaming service Netflix in 2020. However, all the 236 episodes will only be streamed on the new platform HBO Max, after its launch next year. The news was confirmed by Warner recently. However, it will be interesting to see whether the reunion would take place or not.

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