Controversial Oscar Fashion Moment 2012 of Angelina Jolie Resurfaces on Twitter

Why was it controversial? Controversial Oscar Fashion Moment 2012 of Angelina Jolie Resurfaces on Twitter.
Controversial Oscar Fashion Moment 2012 of Angelina Jolie Resurfaces on Twitter.

The fashion moments of Oscar 2012 has resurfaced on Twitter. The video from the moment shows that Angelina Jolie announces the award winners with a signature pose, with her right leg-bearing pose, and was a hit then. Around 10,000 followers she gained just after the pictures of her were out in public from the Oscar. The high-thigh slit black gown was gorgeously handled by Jolie. Well, there is a controversial story about the pose she which she staged up then.

Why was it controversial?

 Jim Rash, Nat Faxon, and Alexander Payne were announced as an award winner for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards. The trio at the very moment after receiving the award mocked Angie’s poses on stage. Before announcing the awards for them, Angelina Jolie struck out this pose with an act of confidence that was showing. This brought a spark of controversy because many found that Rash, Payne, and Faxon were making fun out of the Maleficent star’s pose. The video of the moment gained 3.1 million views, 41,000 likes, and 7000 retweets just after it was posted. 

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 The opinions of many remain unchanged that it was derogatory to mock Jolie on the stage using her pose. 

 One commented that the mockery was a simple banter but was horrifically unfunny. Another concluded that men deserve nothing as they enjoy mocking somebody gorgeous. A twitter user named Samuel stated that the mockery was funny as they mocked somebody who is much more famous than they are.

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 Though Rash had fans by his side too, who defended him as he is a comedian and his act was a joke. Many believed that he did not do any harm to Jolie while copying her pose on stage. After such polarity of reactions, Rash explained that mocking her was nothing serious but was a tribute to her. Faxon too explained that Jolie is hot, and Jim started imitating her which he had to adapt quickly.

Jolie opened up to Extra that, she was more comfortable with the dress and had critical dresses too, but she found it comfortable. Also, she expressed that, if she has felt herself, then she has to be comfortable.

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How did it resurface?

Twitter is all about followers of big names and celebrities. A follower of Jolie shared an old video from the Fashion Moment of 2012. For the second time on the internet, it went viral again. The Twitter handlers are still furious about the video.


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