Chrissy Teigen Suffers Due to Altitude Sickness

Chrissy Teigen has swollen lips

Chrissy Teigen took to social media and shared her swollen lips due to altitude sickness on Saturday, August 16.

Back Story

The Bring the Funny star, Chrissy Teigen was in Utah for her friend Meghan Mackenzie and Luke Dillon’s wedding. However, due to altitude sickness, she got swollen lips. Even she was quite surprised when she shared the picture on social media and wrote she has become ill in her own birth state.

“Very upset and saddened that my own birth state, Utah, has chosen to poison me with terrible altitude sickness,” Teigen, shared. “Did u know angioedema can be triggered from altitude sickness? Learn something new every day! My lip about to explode. Goodbye world.”

Fun Part

She funnily wrote about her lips on the social media as well, referring it shiny and hard and shared a video with a caption “This is premeditated murder if you ask me.”

She later asked her friends why they chose to marry that particular place where she isn’t having a good time.

“Luke, Meghan, why have you chosen to get married in a place which would try to destroy me?” she jokingly asked her friends.

Teigen tied the knot with married to Legend in 2013 and a parent of a daughter, Luna, 3, and 17-month-old son, Miles. The cookbook author has never hesitated to share updates about her personal life or getting candid about other things. Even in another Instagram Story clip regarding her lips problem, she was seen inhaling oxygen from a can which might help with the swelling.

Although she didn’t let the sickness stop her and her husband, John Legend, from enjoying the wedding celebration.

Recently, in an interview with Us Weekly earlier this month, she opened up about her little boy as well. She shared that he would be quiet, chill, romantic but he is insane.

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