Charity gala uses Keanu Reeves’ name to sell $1K tickets

Charity gala uses Keanu Reeves’ name to sell $1K tickets

A Hollywood charity event has used Keanu Reeves’ name unauthentically to sell high-price tickets — saying “The Matrix” star would come and also be honored — but Keanu Reeves had no idea about the organization. Moreover, he wasn’t meant to go, and also he was even shopping at Whole Foods as the gala was going on.

Global Charity Initiative, which aims to “eradicate poverty on a global scale by empowering people to take charge of their lives, primarily by achieving a shift in mindset,” deliberately put Keanu Reeves on its invite for an event at the Beverly Hilton last Sunday. The organization had also promoted his attendance on social media with his image, “Join some Hollywood finest actors like Chadwick Bosman [sic] and Keanu humble and lover humanity supporting GCI to eradicate poverty.”

Moreover, a Facebook post informed tickets cost up to $1,000, and an attendee also told that many guests purchased to see the “John Wick” star. Even, according to the source, the gala also auctioned a painting of the actor at the event.

“He knew nothing about the event and has no affiliation with this organization whatsoever. And they used his image without permission,” said Reeves’ rep.

Even a Twitter user also said that they had spotted Keanu Reeves at a Whole Foods while the charity event was going on.

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