Casting a Look at Meghan Markle’s Unknown Talents: #5

Casting a Look at Meghan Markle’s Unknown Talents: #5
Casting a Look at Meghan Markle’s Unknown Talents: #5

How much have you explored Meghan Markle till date? Although a lot of skills have stayed familiar to you about the star, I’m pretty sure you aren’t yet aware of the secret passions of Meghan Markle. Here are the 5 unknown talents of Meghan Markle.

#5 Proficient in kickboxing and martial arts

Apart from making a name as an eager yoga pro, its also been known that she received training in kickboxing and martial arts while residing in Toronto.

#4 Being a licensed calligrapher

While Meghan has grown up in an all-girls Catholic school, she learned cursive writing which ultimately directed her interest into calligraphy. Later on, she turned out to be a competent calligrapher, out of which she also made money. Besides, she was assigned to write wedding and party invitations for many peers from the big screen who even taught a course on the subject in Beverly Hills.

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#3 Can speak Spanish as well as French

When Meghan was pursuing a career in international relations at Northwestern University, she earned a reputable internship at the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its been reported that she can speak Spanish with an Argentine accent besides possessing knowledge of French. However, she opted for French courses for a period of six years during her stay in Canada.

#2 She is an amazing cook

She has owned a lifestyle blog called The Tig in the past sharing several recipes with a fandom like her favourite oatmeal brûlée. She is also said to have taken charge of the kitchen at the couple’s residence where she prepares food for her family every day.

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#1 Adept in dancing

She is well trained in ballet, jazz, and tap dancing as mentioned in her old acting resume.

Yes, such an all-rounder she has been and that too confidentially. Lastly, you need to bow before her determination!

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